Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Versus Xbox and PlayStation

Cloud gaming may be an emerging technology, but it holds a ton of promise. As such, it has drawn the attention of seemingly every titan of the tech industry. Sony’s PlayStation Now and Xbox’s Cloud Gaming platforms, for example, are starting to gain momentum with players.
Never one to sit by and let someone else take control of a market, Amazon is jumping into the fray. The Luna is the newest cloud gaming service on the scene. It’s poised to give Microsoft and Sony a run for their money. Keep reading for all the details available on the Luna thus far:

Game Library

A great cloud gaming service must get two things right: the gameplay and the library of titles available. Assuming Amazon — the world’s leader in cloud computing — gets the speed and responsiveness right, it’s now all about the games.
Amazon has made the interesting decision to break its game library up into three different channels.
  • Luna +: Priced at $5.99 a month for Early Access customers, Luna + is Amazon’s base plan. While the full list of games isn’t yet known, Amazon promises a growing library of games. AAA titles make this channel an intriguing option given the price. The same can be said for indie darlings and other lesser-known games.
  • Ubisoft +: Only the most fervent Ubisoft supporters will be interested in this channel, especially given the $17.99 a month price. While Ubisoft is a big name in the gaming space, there are simply not enough new releases and quality catalog titles to make this channel worth the steep cost.
  • Family: The cheapest of the three channels, the Family plan will get users a modest collection of titles. Every game in the Family collection will be rated E or E10+. Some will even feature local cooperative play. At $2.99 a month, this could be a bargain for cooped-up parents looking to distract their children with a game.
While Sony and Microsoft can bolster their cloud libraries with first-party games, the same can’t be said for Amazon. The strength of the Amazon Luna lineup will rest solely on the back of third-party licensed games — several of which will already be available on other cloud gaming platforms. The Ubisoft + plan has its downsides, but the Luna + and Family channels seem like decent values.

The Luna Controller and Device Support

The entire appeal of cloud gaming is that it can be enjoyed on any device. Amazon Luna is no different, with broad support provided for a wide array of options. Fire TV support is a nice caveat, allowing users to turn their home TVs into cloud gaming consoles with the Fire TV peripheral they already own.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about the entire Amazon Luna service: the Luna Controller. Priced at $69, it’s marketed almost exclusively to Amazon customers who rarely venture outside the service for their goods. Prior generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are supported on Luna, as well as Razer’s Kishi controller. It’s not particularly feature-rich — and it’s a bit overpriced considering the competition. However, some reviews have lauded it as a quality controller that customers will definitely desire if they are serious about peak response time.
Amazon is hoping that the Luna Controller’s unique connection to the Cloud Direct servers will serve as a major selling point. Since the controller doesn’t connect to a console or dongle — and instead directly to the server running a particular game — frame rates and response times should be noticeably better.
Gamers are hesitant to jump into the cloud gaming pool, but Amazon is trying its best to alleviate these concerns. Still, the question remains: is it possible to reduce input lag and latency even more than PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming already have? If so, Amazon could find itself on top of the mountain in the cloud.

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