Apple MR Headset Rumors: What You Need to Know

If you are searching for a new augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR) headset or waiting to buy your first, you might want to pause when considering an Oculus or HTC offering. Apple’s upcoming AR/MR headset is on its way, and while there aren’t many confirmed details yet, there are plenty of exciting rumors about the future release to pique your interest.

Do You Need an AR, MR, or VR Headset?

Before taking a closer look at Apple’s upcoming release, it might help to know what to look for in an AR/MR headset. Perhaps you need a virtual reality (VR) headset or need more help determining the differences between the three.
Even if you already own one or have done some research on headsets, the technology is changing rapidly, so take a few moments to figure out what’s what and what you need.
According to David Cardinal at Extreme Tech, you can add XR to mixed reality technology. Unfortunately, it can all become pretty confusing, so let’s take a look at each one.

Virtual Reality

VR is probably the most well-known and commonly cited of the Rs. This is because it was the original alternative reality medium, discussed at least three decades ago. As a result, many people default to it when talking about the Rs. Essentially, VR provides solutions via headsets that replace the reality around you, serving as a virtual substitute.
Tech developers have created and refined a helmet, goggles, or a combination of the two, featuring displays that replace the outside world while wearing them.

Augmented Reality

With AR, you can experience a similar “replaced reality” wearing a pair of glasses or a visor, which overlays the real world. However, users rely on their smartphone displays as projection sources. These devices now have improved depth-sensing and processing capabilities.

Mixed Reality

An amalgam of AR and VR technologies, MR combines the best of both technologies. Once developers tried to meld the two, MR was born into a single device. Many developers start with a native AR visor or goggles, such as the Microsoft Hololens, then mimic VR technologies for a more in-depth visual field. The result is a true melding of the physical and digital worlds. Finally, they use state-of-the-art holographic representations to enhance user experiences, creating an otherworldly event or series of events.

What Is Apple Doing to Enhance the MR Headset Experience?

Now that you have a better idea of what MR should do for you, it’s time to dig into some Apple MR rumors. Insiders are excited about this upcoming offering, discussing various topics, such as the device’s architectural design and much more. Let’s break down some of the rumors.

Architecture of the Apple MR Headset

According to Monica White at Slash Gear, a huge rumor about the Apple MR device features two processors. One processor is the 4nm chip and the other is the 5nm chip. If this exciting rumor is true, it is far ahead of other competitors since the rest only have one processor. Furthermore, operating on two CPUs will ramp up the power factor considerably. As a result, Apple is probably planning to offer some exciting features that require a lot of power.

Power and Charging Capabilities

Essentially, the Apple MR headset is set to run on the same amount of power as the MacBook Pro, as it features a 96W Jabil charger that shares the same specifications as the 14-inch Macbook Pro. That means you can enjoy quicker and more efficient charging abilities, despite the high processing power required to run the device.

Design and Configuration of the Apple MR Headset

Hamish Hector at Tech Radar recently reported that Apple’s MR headset is “likely to feature an ‘innovative three-display configuration,’ featuring two micro OLED 4K displays and another AMOLED panel for low-resolution peripheral vision.” Further, it will feature a powerful mobile CPU and GPU in the headset itself.

Seamless Support for Native Apple Products

It probably isn’t surprising that Apple’s MR headset will support native Apple products. At this point, however, it isn’t certain which Apple products will tie into the new technology.

The Date for Release is Uncertain

Since mass production isn’t set to begin until Q4 of 2022, you’ll have to wait at least a year until you can start planning to buy the first-generation Apple MR headset. The most likely release date is late 2022, at the earliest, and mid-2023 at the latest.

The Possible Price for the Apple MR Headset

Early rumors about the pricing for the Apple MR headset point to the $2,000-3000 range, so it’s probably good that you have plenty of time to plan and save for this one.
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