Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack: A Deal for Families

A subscription to Switch Online Expansion Pack opens up a lot more features to make the most of the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or OLED Switch. For example, players can engage in multiplayer gaming, save games to the cloud, download a phone app, and access an extensive library of online games. CNET called the game library on Switch Online a “Netflix for gaming.” Still, having the ability to save games in the cloud and play online with others represents excellent perks too.
To top off this premium experience, Nintendo also offers an Expansion Pack that opens up even more gaming choices. Find out why individuals and families might consider Switch Online and the Expansion Pack even though they require monthly subscription fees.

How Much Does Switch Online and the Expansion Pack Cost?

For Switch Online:
  • Individual: $20 a year
  • Family: $35 a year for up to eight accounts
For Switch Online plus the Expansion Pack:
  • Individual: $50 a year
  • Family: $80 a year for up to eight accounts
The Expansion Pack adds a considerable amount to the yearly subscription cost. At the same time, it offers more classic games from the Genesis and N64. It will also include the New Horizons expansion of the beloved Animal Crossing game, which costs $25 on its own. In addition, expect the Expansion Pack to introduce other opportunities to play new games to keep members engaged.

Why is Switch Online and the Expansion Pack a Great Deal for Families?

In particular, families with up to eight players should benefit the most from their accounts. The individual who signs up will pay the bills and also have parental control over the entire account.
Some critics have criticized this model. The primary gaming system might appear relatively low priced, but users need to pay extra to enjoy the entire ecosystem. On the other hand, this additional investment seems to offer plenty of perks and, hopefully, will encourage Nintendo to keep innovating.

The Latest Nintendo Switch News

Nintendo released the Switch OLED in time for the holidays. Besides the OLED screen, other upgrades include better speakers and an improved kickstand. Still, most reviewers consider this new model a modest upgrade over the prior versions. In particular, they felt disappointed with a lack of 4K video support.
According to Tom’s Guide, the Switch 2 probably won’t appear this year but might start shipping in time for next year’s holiday season. Some rumored upgrades include a better GPU, processor, and graphics.

What Else Should Nintendo Switch Buyers Consider?

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