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The first Nintendo console was the Color TV-game 6, released in 1977. Since then, they have been leading console producers and have created some of the most popular games. Their most recent console, the Nintendo Switch, is incredibly popular and popular among gamers of all ages. If you plan to purchase one or you have purchased one in the last 60 days, you should pair it with an extended warranty plan from Upsie.

Who Offers the Best Nintendo Switch Extended Warranty Plan?

Upsie offers the best Nintendo Switch extended warranty plans. To begin, their plans are very competitively priced and have a low, flat-rate deductible. In addition, Upsie’s claims service is second to none. Real people in the United States answer the claims line 24/7/365. Lastly, Upsie gives you all of the plan information upfront, unlike competitors who hide behind fine print. This way, you know exactly what coverage you will receive, how repairs work, and how much your coverage will cost.
In addition, Upsie offers unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.

What Does Upsie’s Nintendo Switch Warranty Cover?

Upsie’s console warranty coverage includes extended manufacturer and accidental protection. The first is what it sounds like—it extends the manufacturer coverage for one or two years, depending on which plan you select. Furthermore, accidental protection begins 30 days after purchasing the plan. With accidental damage coverage, your console and controllers have protection from drops, spills, and other accidents. Upsie also covers Pesky joy-con drift, too.

Will Upsie Cover the Switch in Case of Drops and Spills?

As long as the drop is accidental and not a rage quit, Upsie will cover it. Upsie also covers accidental spills or water submersion. Upsie also offers accidental damage protection for controllers.

Does Nintendo Sell an Extended Warranty for the Switch?

No, Nintendo does not sell extended warranties. Luckily, Upsie does sell Nintendo Switch extended warranties!

How Long Do I Have to Buy a Warranty for Nintendo Switch After Purchase?

You have up to 60 days after buying your Switch to get an Upsie warranty. This is true for new, used, and refurbished consoles. As a result, customers can take their time finding the perfect warranty plan without feeling pressured by tight time constraints.

Do Switch Controllers Come with a Warranty?

Nintendo’s limited warranty covers the joy-con controllers that come with the Switch. The limited warranty lasts for one year from the purchase date and is only valid for the original purchaser. Additionally, it only covers defects in material and workmanship. Nintendo does not cover accidental damage.

Can I Get an Extended Warranty for Nintendo Controllers?

Upsie offers warranties for both controllers and consoles. When you purchase an Upsie warranty for your Nintendo Switch, the joy-con controllers included are automatically covered under the console plan. If you buy a pro controller, you can purchase an additional, separate warranty plan to protect it.

Does Upsie’s Warranty Cover Other Switch Accessories?

Upsie’s console extended warranty covers the console itself and the controllers that come with it. Straps, cables, and adapters are not covered by Upsie’s warranty. For example, a two-year warranty for a $70 Nintendo Pro Controller costs just $9.99 and includes accidental damage protection.

Do I Need a Receipt for a Nintendo Switch Warranty?

To purchase your Upsie protection plan, you will need to have your receipt of purchase. Activation includes uploading a picture of the receipt and entering basic device information so the claims department already has all of the information they need when you call to make a claim. Since Upsie stores a picture of your receipt, you won’t have to dig through emails and junk drawers to find the receipt again when you make a claim.
Give Upsie a call, and they will get your Switch repaired as quickly as possible.

Can I Get a Warranty for a Used or Refurbished Switch?

With Upsie, yes, you can! Upsie protects new, used, and refurbished Switch consoles. Used and refurbished models must come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty or have at least 30-days left on their manufacturer warranty.

How Does the Claims Process Work if My Nintendo Switch Has Problems?

If your Nintendo Switch is malfunctioning or broken, call Upsie to start your claim. They take claims calls 24/7/365 so you can get your device repaired as quickly as possible. Upon making your claims call, an Upsie representative will approve your claim, collect the deductible, and set up a repair appointment for you. Upsie will issue a replacement if the console cannot be repaired on the first claim.

Who Can I Contact if I Have More Questions?

Contact Upsie directly with your questions. You can send them a message on their website, Facebook or Twitter pages. If you’d rather call, you can do that, too. Upsie’s amazing customer service team is available daily 9am to 4pm CST at 1-877-844-7745.

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