The Best Way to Clean a Nintendo Switch

Can’t decide between a handheld gaming device and a console? The Nintendo Switch might offer the perfect solution. First, the Switch functions well as a handheld gaming device. Second, this handy device also plugs into a TV or monitor to provide the same experience as a traditional gaming console.

Does the Nintendo Switch Offer Good Value?

Beyond its versatility, Nintendo offers a vast game library, so players should rarely run out of new experiences. According to PC Magazine, the benefits of a Nintendo Switch include a quality design, a sizable game library, and a solid build. The few negatives include a relatively short battery life for a portable device and a flimsy kickstand.
The standard device retails for about $299, and an OLED version sells for about $50 more. Nintendo also sells a Switch Lite version, but this device only works as a handheld gaming console. Overall, the Nintendo Switch offers excellent value, and it’s become a popular choice for people who want portability sometimes and the experience of traditional gaming other times.

How to Keep a Nintendo Switch Clean

Nintendo Switch devices accumulate dust, dirt, and oil from handling. Even without visible grime on the surface, users will want to make sure that they keep their Switch as hygienic as possible to avoid spreading germs. Cleaning the device also prevents dust and dirt from getting inside the device.
Also, like other electronics, users should exercise care to make sure they don’t risk damaging the device while cleaning it. Nintendo offers the best source of information about keeping the Nintendo Switch clean. For instance:
  • Use a soft cloth to clean screens. Slightly dampen a corner with lukewarm water.
  • Gently wipe off the screen with the damp part of the cloth.
  • Use a dry portion of the cloth to wipe the screen dry.
  • Repeat the steps above if needed.
Most users probably will know that they should never pour water directly on the touchscreen or submerge the device, but Nintendo also offered those two cautions. The company also specifically warned users against using any cleansers. Nintendo suggested using the sticky side of transparent tape to remove any larger debris that may get stuck to the screen.

The Best Nintendo Switch Extended Warranty

A multi-purpose gaming device like a Nintendo Switch should see plenty of use. Wiping the device off regularly will help keep it looking new and prevent spreading germs. However, even with proper care, these portable devices can get damaged because of accidental drops, spills, or excessive wear. And no one wants to invest in a high-quality gaming device only to pay more to repair or replace it a few months later.
The overpriced extended warranties offered by retailers don’t offer the best deals. Fortunately, Upsie offers extended warranties for gaming consoles. Upsie sells directly to its customers instead of through retailers. As a result, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers.
With Upsie, customers can choose between two or three years of affordable protection. The plans include a 24-7 phone line for claims and the customer’s choice of local or ship-it-in repairs. Coverage protects against drops, broken screens, liquid damage, connectivity issues, and much more. Plus, if Upsie decides repairs aren’t feasible, they’ll offer a replacement on the first claim.
The Nintendo Switch provides excellent value because it functions well as a handheld or traditional gaming console and gives players the chance to test plenty of games. As such, customers should pair their Switch with an Upsie warranty to protect their device against anything life has to throw at it.

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