The Best Video Game and Game Console Storage Solutions

Over half of Americans play video games on consoles, PCs, or even smartphones. According to a study by the Entertainment Software Association, over half of households own more than one gaming platform.
Perhaps people should not find this news surprising. After all, average gamers have been playing for 14 years, so they’ve had over a decade to collect various consoles and devices.
Various consoles, games, accessories, and cables can quickly turn into a disorganized mess. Some avid, long-time gamers have come up with fantastic solutions to store their collections to reduce clutter and keep everything preserved and organized.

Solutions for Video Game and Console Storage

Public Storage interviewed a gamer with 3,200 gaming items, from retro arcade games to the latest consoles. A spare bedroom houses this collection, and everything appears neat and accessible. Average gamers probably only have dozens of items to arrange and store, so this expert can provide some excellent tips.

Use Dust Covers for Short-Term Storage of Gaming Consoles

Dust covers made from flexible materials offer a convenient way to keep consoles protected and free from contamination when they’re not in use. These plastic sleeves slip on and off. Thus, they’re inexpensive and straightforward and typically don’t require disconnecting wires or other hassles.

Organize Cables, Accessories and Games in Plastic Boxes

Label inexpensive plastic boxes from any dollar or discount store to organize cables. These containers can also hold game consoles or cards, and larger ones might store controllers. People with multiple consoles might not have the option to keep everything plugged in. If the cables won’t neatly slip under dust covers, tie them off with rubber bands to prevent tangling and keep them in labeled containers.

Pack Rarely Used Items in Larger Bins

Take the labeled boxes and store them inside a larger plastic bin. Rather than just dumping everything into a bin, keep everything in its own container inside the larger one to prevent tangles and disorganization. You can also store the larger bins in a closet, under the bed, or in the garage.

Consider Video Game Storage Cabinets

The best solution may depend upon personal tastes, the number of items, and budgets. For example, some people may prefer storage cabinets to plastic bins and boxes. Others prefer a more sophisticated solution, so they use storage systems from places like Ikea or The Container Store. Finally, more budget-minded gamers can find older or off-brand storage systems at thrift stores, online retailers, or home improvement stores.

Carrying Bags

These days, video gaming has gone mobile with handheld consoles, tablets, and smartphones. Durable carrying bags will offer protection from the elements, accidental bumps, and contamination.

The Best Protection for Video Game Consoles and Accessories

With multiple gaming platforms, games, and accessories, gamers invest a lot in their favorite hobby. Ensuring that this investment is safe and protected makes sense. Proper storage and organization will keep consoles, cables, and accessories protected against various types of damage.
Still, even people who take care of their valuable gaming items can suffer from such mishaps as damaged ports, power shorts, spills, and other damage caused by wear, contamination, drops, or even defects. An Upsie extended warranty for gaming consoles and accessories offers convenient, affordable repairs.
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Upsie offers extended warranties for PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch consoles, controllers, and more. Customers can purchase Upsie warranties for consoles and devices bought in the last 60 days.
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