Switch Battle: Nintendo Switch OLED Versus Original Switch

The Nintendo Switch provides gamers with various gaming experiences. Primarily marketed as a handheld gaming device, the Switch can also connect to a monitor or TV and larger controllers for use as a regular larger gaming console.
The original Switch handheld gaming console costs $300, which looks like a reasonable price for such a versatile device. More recently, Nintendo introduced the Switch OLED, which costs $350. Is it worth spending an extra $50 on the upgrade?

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED Compared

As the name of the Switch OLED implies, the newest handheld comes with an OLED screen. The two models look similar when switched off. For instance, they both have the same color scheme, button arrangement, and designs. Still, TechRadar says that the Switch OLED provides value for an extra $50.
For example, the new model replaced the 6.2-inch LCD screen with a seven-inch OLED screen, making a big difference in how the two devices will look when switched on. In addition, Nintendo reduced the bezel size to add the larger screen, so the two devices weigh about the same, and one model can use controllers meant for the other. Reducing the bezel size also gives the Switch OLED a more sophisticated appearance.
What gamers can’t see about the OLED will still impact their experience. For instance:
  • Nintendo redesigned the speaker position for the OLED too. Users will enjoy improved sound with less distortion at higher volume levels.
  • Nintendo also increased storage from 32GB to 64GB and offers the option of adding an external card for more storage.
  • Nintendo included an Ethernet port to allow wired connections to the internet instead of just wireless connectivity.

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Worth $50 More?

CNET ranked the Switch OLED as one of the top handheld gaming devices in 2021, but the publication added that the original Switch also makes a good choice. Both devices come with the same processing power. Otherwise, the additional features and improved display offer good value for a relatively modest extra price.
People who plan to use their Switch with a monitor most of the time may not appreciate the OLED display. Nintendo also offers a Switch Lite that only works as a handheld console, and it’s even cheaper than the original Switch. Few gamers should regret buying either one of these versatile gaming devices.

Why Consider Buying a Better Nintendo Switch Warranty?

Deliberating between an original Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch OLED sounds like a good problem. With either one, players can enjoy accessing their favorite games at home or on the road. The best choice between these two good options depends on budgets and preferences. Overall, the Switch OLED offers good value for an extra $50, but some gamers won’t want to pay for features they don’t need or care about.
An excellent extended warranty might give some consumers the confidence to spend a little more on their consoles and accessories. For instance, Upsie extended warranties for Nintendo Switch gaming devices offer 24-7 claims and access to local and ship-it-in repairs. With an Upsie warranty, consoles are safe from accidental damage, defects, early wear, and more. In addition, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Upsie offers premium service, broad coverage, and low prices. Save money and hassles by choosing an Upsie protection plan instead of the one provided by the retailer. Upsie also offers extended warranties for other gaming console brands, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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