The Best Xbox Controller Case for Protecting Controllers

A new video game console is a big investment — and one that you need to protect. And while the consoles themselves are mostly safe in entertainment centers, the controllers are subject to abuse.
From curious toddlers to hungry pets or even bumpy rides on the bus, threats loom both at home and on the go. Thankfully, extra protection is available in the form of specially designed controller cases. Check out these six top cases for Xbox controllers to find one that can hold up to heavy use.

Hermitshell Travel EVA Case

This cheap, no-frills carrying case does what it’s intended to do — and not much more. It can hold one Xbox controller, but it also has a small net inside the case to carry a small item.
Aesthetics are not a strength, but that might prove beneficial: bland and boring means potential thieves might look past the case and the controller it protects. At $13.99, this case is a fantastic bargain — but don’t expect it to be as tough as some other hard-shelled competitors.

OtterBox Gaming Xbox Controller Case

The OtterBox name carries a strong reputation. OtterBox cell phone cases can stand up to plenty of abuse, so it’s no surprise that the company’s gaming cases are doubly tough.
Beyond sheer durability, this option is worth considering for its convenience, as it provides a built-in screen stand. There’s also a cable pass-through, so gamers can charge their controllers while still in the case. For $45, this is a bit on the expensive side. Still, many pleased users would argue this is a reasonable price given the case’s water-resistant construction and reliability.

sisma Xbox Game Controller Holder Case

One of the most popular gaming cases on Amazon, this holder from sisma is time-tested. The molded inner shell ensures that nothing will rattle around in the case during a busy commute. The wrist strap is a nice addition that provides an extra level of convenience. Available for a mere $16.99, this is a bargain for most consumers looking for a basic level of protection.

YoRHa Dust & Water Proof Universal Travel Xbox Controller Case

What it lacks in a catchy and concise name, this case makes up for in protection. The firm sponge lining is shock-absorbing, while the outer shell is water-resistant. Best of all, there’s room for two controllers. This ensures that nobody is left out of the game, even when taken on the road. For $21.99, this versatile case provides great all-around value.

G-STORY Case Storage Bag

Players who need to bring their entire console with them will want to consider these next two options. This G-STORY carrying bag has many features, from useful (non-slip bottom) to silly (explosion-proof zipper). It’s the total package with enough room to carry a controller, console, game, and all the required cords. Whether it’s worth the $50 price tag is up for debate.

CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case for Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S owners should consider this wonderful attaché case. It’s by far the best-looking product on this list. In addition, it’s functional as well as fashionable. The hard shell design can certainly take abuse from the outside world.
Meanwhile, the Xbox green foam interior ensures that the console and controller won’t be rocked by impact. While it’s nearly the price of a game at $54.99, it’s worth it. After all, replacing a broken console or controller could set players back a lot more.

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