Where to Find Xbox Series X Restock Updates

Since its launch in November 2020, the Xbox Series X has been a phenomenal success. With that, and right from day one, demand has outstripped supply. Almost a year after the release, the fourth-generation Microsoft Xbox stocks continue to sell out as soon as they’re made available.

The Xbox Series X Shortage

Microsoft is working tirelessly to manufacture vast numbers of its best-selling $499 console. However, a global shortage of computer chips is hindering its efforts. It’s the same problem currently faced by tech manufacturers across the board, including Sony. Like Microsoft, the Japanese manufacturer is also struggling to meet the demand for its PlayStation 5 for the same reason.
Despite the chip shortage, Xbox Series X stocks routinely arrive at retailers, albeit in small numbers. Accordingly, finding stock is tricky, with demand still through the roof. Moreover, when batches of consoles do land, they sell out almost instantly because restocks are now so widely publicized.
As such, among the best ways to snag an Xbox Series X is to stay ahead of the competition. To ensure this is the case, it’s necessary to be firmly on top of Xbox Series X restock updates. Even then, there’s no guarantee, as countless other people are doing the same.
You can take a few steps to improve your odds of securing an Xbox Series X from a future restock. From subscribing to stock updates to using Microsoft’s Xbox All Access service, here’s a closer look at how best to get your hands on an Xbox Series X.

Like, Follow, and Subscribe to Retailers

Most online retailers continue to announce Xbox Series X restocks via their social media accounts and email newsletters. Of course, this invariably leads to a stampede where any consoles are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you’re among the first to see the notification, you have a chance.
You can further improve your chances by following and subscribing to as many retailers as possible. In addition to big names such as GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Amazon, also be sure to keep a close eye on the likes of Adorama, BJ’s, Kohl’s, and antonline.
These retailers have all received and subsequently sold out of Xbox Series X stocks recently. As a result, there’s a strong likelihood that more consoles will have been allocated to them for sale going forward.

Follow Proven Sources of Xbox Series X Restock Updates

Twitter continues to be a great source of restock updates. Although there’s a risk of running into scammers, proven accounts offering Xbox Series X restock updates, such as @Wario64 and @GYXdeals, are a good place to start. Be sure to install the Twitter app on your smartphone and turn on notifications for these accounts. Then, wait for alerts highlighting when a store has consoles in stock.
You’ll need to be quick, as more than 1.2 million people are already following the above two accounts alone. Yet, much like subscribing to retailers, if you’re fast to act on a restock update, it’s an excellent method of snagging a console, with visibility offered across a wide range of online sellers.

Purchase via Xbox All Access

Selected retailers continue to offer the Xbox Series X for sale via Xbox All Access. The scheme allows existing Xbox owners to upgrade their older consoles to a fourth-generation model.
Unfortunately, there are a couple of limitations. Firstly, success still relies on finding a retailer with stock. Although, with consoles allocated specifically to the Xbox All Access program, they can’t simply be snapped up in an instant like regular stock.
Furthermore, to purchase, buyers need to apply for credit, then pay $34.99 per month for their Series X over the course of the next two years, which also covers 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access. Admittedly, it’s an expensive way to buy an Xbox Series X, but it remains a valid option where value for money is less important than getting your hands on a console.

Other Considerations

With measures taken to stay on top of Xbox Series X restock updates or to pick up a console via Microsoft’s Xbox All Access program, it’s a good idea to explore a couple of further considerations. For a start, look at trading in old consoles to help with financing an upcoming Xbox Series X purchase.
That said, don’t be tempted to do this in order to pay a scalper for the privilege. Xbox Series X consoles have been changing hands for over $5,000. Not only is that a 1,000 percent markup, but there’s also a very real chance of being scammed when trying to buy a pre-owned console, especially online.

Xbox Series X Warranty

With consoles so scarce, it’s vital to safeguard against manufacturing defects, mechanical failures, and accidental damage like drops and liquid spills.
Upsie is one of the best options for purchasing an Xbox Series X warranty. First, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less compared to other warranty providers. By purchasing an Xbox extended warranty with Upsie, Xbox Series X owners also get access to fast, local repairs courtesy of a nationwide network of certified specialists.
In addition, all approved claims are subject to Upsie’s industry-leading low deductible of only $25. Upsie offers premium protection at an affordable price.

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