How to Customize a Battle Beaver Controller

The rise of competitive eSports has given way to a cottage industry of controller makers. These device manufacturers are all striving to create the perfect game controller. But, of course, every player is different, so a one-device-fits-all approach isn’t really the way to go.
As a result, Battle Beaver has become a very popular name in the custom controller space. This company offers many compelling options for player control. Keep reading to find out just how easy it is to customize the perfect gaming controller with Battle Beaver.

Console Options

Battle Beaver is proud to offer custom controllers for both old and new consoles. Playstation 4 and 5 are available, as are controllers for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. However, none of this should come as a surprise as these are all standard for many manufacturers.
What players might be shocked to find are custom controllers for the Gamecube. Nintendo’s two-decades-old system is still a hit with hardcore gamers craving custom controllers for one reason: Super Smash Bros Melee. This iconic brawler has been an eSports staple for two generations — and now, players can custom-build their Gamecubes controller to take full advantage of this.

Sticks and Buttons

Customers can order each Battle Beaver controller in either a Performance version or a Pro model. While Pro models deliver a decent level of customization (especially cosmetically), serious players will want to opt for the Performance version. In addition, nearly every aspect of the controller can be modified, from the thumbsticks and face buttons to removing the rumble and the haptic feedback in the case of PS5 controllers.
For the thumbsticks, customers can choose three different levels of sensitivity. Increasing the sensitivity will give gamers a little more precise control, while Extreme goes even further. Both the left and right thumbsticks are adjustable, so if players want a little more control in one of them, it’s easily achievable. Moreover, several different thumbsticks are available in a wide range of different shapes and heights.
One of the biggest things Battle Beaver has going for it? Added buttons on the back of the controller. Customers can choose to add up to four different buttons on the back of the pad, giving players an unprecedented level of control in their console games.

Bumpers, Triggers, And D-Pad

The bumpers, triggers, and D-pad on Battle Beaver controllers are also completely customizable. Many controllers attempt to simulate mouse-button clicks with their trigger buttons, but Battle Beaver nails it.
The bumpers are created to feel just as light, quick, and responsive as the triggers. This combination of lightning-fast bumper and trigger responsiveness makes Battle Beaver controllers ideal for first and third-person shooters.
Fighting game fans will no doubt love the modified D-pad available. This option swaps out the stock D-pad for one that consists of four separate solid buttons. Gone are the days of throwing a fireball in a Street Fighter game only to botch the move because the D-pad picked up the wrong input.

Build Times and Price

Unfortunately, the combination of high demand and a tightening global supply chain has made Battle Beaver controllers a rare sight in public. As a result, once customers place an order, customers should expect to wait several months before their controller is available.
Thankfully, Battle Beaver controllers are cheaper than competitors like the Xbox Elite 2 or the Scuf Instinct Pro. So the savings could be worth the wait.

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