Google Stadia Vs. Xbox Cloud Vs. Nvidia GeForce Now

Just like cloud computing in general, cloud gaming provides new opportunities. Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia GeForce Now all seek to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to offer their customers advanced gaming platforms. Compare these popular gaming platforms to understand how they’re similar or different.

Compare Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now

Today’s gamers enjoy playing on various devices, like PCs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and even VR headsets. Cloud gaming lets gamers choose their device and even switch devices during a game. For instance, a gamer might start playing on a laptop or console and then switch to a handheld gaming device or a smartphone.
Take a look at the devices each of these cloud gaming platforms officially supports, according to Windows Central:
  • Xbox Game Pass: Android
  • Google Stadia: Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chromecast Ultra
  • Nvidia GeForce: Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Mac OS, Nvidia Shield TV
Some third-party apps and clever workarounds can extend the compatibility of games even further. For instance, it looks like Game Pass only officially runs on Android; however, plenty of people have successfully sideloaded games onto Chromecast and Android TV.

Pros and Cons of Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now

All three of these platforms offer strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Xbox cloud gaming lags behind its competitors for typical frame rates and resolution, and Google Stadia also doesn’t deliver the best screen resolution. However, for many users, Nvidia GeForce offers the most robust platform because of the company’s powerful GPUs, support for ray tracing, and extensive library of titles.
Still, some games on Nvidia don’t port with full controllers, so they’re virtually unplayable on mobile devices. Different games also load and launch differently, often depending upon if they use Steam or not, so users find Nvidia more complicated and fragmented to use sometimes.

Benefits of Cloud Gaming

Nvidia, Google Stadia, and Xbox have all stated that they want to focus on cloud gaming for the benefits they can offer customers. So expect them all to improve over time as interest in the services grows. With that in mind, consider some general benefits of cloud gaming:
  • Security: Cloud gaming companies can offer high-grade protection to help protect against hackers.
  • Compatibility: Because the cloud supplies resources, even fairly low-powered devices can benefit from cloud gaming.
  • Lower costs: The cloud gaming companies pay only for the resources used, so they can enjoy some savings to pass on to customers.
  • Access to more games: Each of these cloud platforms offers access to various games so that gamers can select from many titles.
The gaming platforms also reduce piracy because they do not distribute physical copies of games. That means consumers can pay less for games because the company won’t have to account for stolen copies, plus they also enjoy other cost-saving benefits with pay-as-you-go resources.

How to Make the Most of Game Streaming Cloud Services

These cloud gaming services serve streaming games. While players may not need powerful devices, they will require fast internet to enjoy the experience. However, with robust internet and routers, the experience should satisfy most gamers.

The Best Extended Warranties for Gamers

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