A Quick Guide to PS5 Storage Expansion With the Best SSD

Most gamers eventually reach the point where they need to delete games before they can add new ones. If the player ever wants to return to the deleted game, they need to go through the inconvenience of reinstalling it and possibly deleting another game to do so.
Adding extra storage to a PS5 can minimize this inconvenience. Today’s SSDs for a PS5 can provide up to 2TB of additional storage. Gamers may think the task of finding the best drive appears very daunting. In particular, PS5 users need to select SSDs that meet Sony’s strict requirements. Learn how to choose the best option for expanding PS5 storage.

Good Options for PS5 Storage Expansion

According to TechRadar, Sony offered PS5 users the option to add more storage in September of 2021. TechRadar also published specific requirements for format, capacity, reading speed, size, and form factor. Also, PS5 requires an SSD with a heatsink to help keep the device cool.
The list looks long and involved, and most readers would probably prefer some specific suggestions that meet or exceed Sony’s standards for expansion drives. These include:
  • WD Black SN850 SSD: Mark Cerney, PS5’s lead architect, suggested this SSD. It retails for around $100 and comes with 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options. For most people, learning that Mark Cerney uses this brand at home should offer plenty of encouragement to stop shopping and start buying. This SSD also costs less than most other brands.
  • Seagate FireCuda 530: This model costs over twice as much as the WD Black. That extra $100 or so pays for speed. The aluminum heatsink block also adds the assurance that the drive will stay cool as it performs.
  • Gigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen 4 7000s: At first glance, the price tag of $266 appears expensive. This model comes with 1TB or 2TB, so it’s not fair to compare it to the starting prices of SSDs that may only offer 500GB. For gamers who want to add plenty of storage, this SSD should provide good value.

How to Save Money on PS5 Expansion Storage

TechRadar suggested waiting for holiday deals before buying an expansion drive. They’re even kind enough to keep updating a list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that their editors find. Because a lot of companies have experienced supply chain issues, gamers should jump on those bargains as quickly as they find them because stocks may not last that long. Just make sure to compare the SSD’s specs with PS5 requirements.

The Best PS5 Extended Warranty

Console gamers may expand storage, add subscriptions, and purchase custom accessories to enhance their gaming experience. These additional components generally represent a considerable investment, so prudent console owners should consider purchasing an inexpensive game system warranty to complement their other purchases.
Besides prices up to 70 percent lower than competitors, consider some highlights of Upsie PS5 warranties from Upsie:
  • Coverage for issues with screens, connectivity, processors, and mechanical parts
  • Local and postage-paid, mail-in repairs with a low $25 deductible
  • Protection from defects, wear, and even accidents
Better yet, Upsie will cover qualified used gaming systems that come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty. In addition, Upsie allows warranty transfers to new owners. Upsie gives their customers up to 60 days to buy a warranty, so customers never need to feel pressured to purchase a retail warranty at the sales counter.
Gamers should spend time researching various gaming systems, accessories, and upgrades. Everybody can agree that an extended warranty from Upsie will offer excellent protection for an affordable price.

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