VR on Xbox: Everything You Need to Know

VR gaming owes its widespread success to several tech titans. Sony and Facebook, in particular, lead the pack with Oculus and PSVR. Curiously absent from the VR arms race is Microsoft, which has decided to sit on the sidelines. Instead of developing exclusive VR devices, the company seems more comfortable occupying the role of facilitator.
What does this mean for the Xbox brand and the future of VR on the platform? Keep reading to find out.

VR on Xbox Game Consoles

There’s not much to be said about VR experiences on the Xbox family of consoles. The latest devices — the Xbox Series S and X — are without a dedicated VR headset from Microsoft. What’s more, the boxes don’t support anyone else’s products.
Unfortunately, this stance doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Rumors of potential Xbox VR support were quickly squashed by Microsoft. Fans of both VR gaming and the Xbox found this news upsetting.
It’s possible that Microsoft is more than happy to provide a platform for VR gaming, as long as it’s not on a stand-alone console. As such, the question remains: how can Xbox fans take part in VR experiences?

VR on Xbox Game Pass for PC

VR gaming on the PC has always been superior to its console competition, thanks in large part to the horsepower available in modern desktops. Microsoft stands to make a nice chunk of change from these VR games — publishers pay them a licensing fee for any game sold that runs on their Windows platforms. Between the Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, and HTC Vive Pro 2, Microsoft enjoys a tiny piece of each system’s success.
While Microsoft isn’t keen on supporting VR on its game consoles, it’s important to mention that the Game Pass has garnered massive support. Launched in the summer of 2017, Game Pass has proven an incredible success for the company, with over 25 million members now using the service.
With the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Game Pass is poised to become even more popular. The service is beloved, in part, because it’s not confined to Xbox consoles. PC players are also in on the action, with the PC version of Game Pass offering dozens of quality games every month.
While most titles on Game Pass for PC don’t offer any sort of VR functionality, some games can keep VR lovers happy. For example, Tetris Effect: Connected and Microsoft’s Flight Simulator both feature VR modes. As more games implement the technology, there should be more hitting Game Pass. Additionally, users can play in VR using Game Pass with various headsets, making this method the best way to experience VR on Xbox platforms.

What’s Next for VR on Xbox?

The Xbox brand took a bit of a beating during the past decade, thanks to the rough launch of the Xbox One and its Kinect peripheral. While the PlayStation 5 continues to outperform the newer slate of Xbox Series S and X consoles, Microsoft has taken great strides to earn back customer loyalty.
One can’t help but wonder if Microsoft’s stance on VR for its platforms plays a role in this effective strategy to win back consumers. While VR has certainly gained mainstream acceptance, some players still deem the technology as a fly-by-night gimmick.
Microsoft has bolstered the game library it markets to consumers by focusing almost exclusively on Game Pass and studio acquisitions at the expense of a VR experience. There doesn’t appear to be any change to this strategy on the horizon.

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