Microsoft Complete Versus Upsie Extended Console Warranty

The Xbox Series X is an impressive console. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, congratulations! You’re entering a new era of console gaming, and it’s going to be an exciting ride. TechRadar calls the Xbox Series X a “super-fast, surprisingly quiet” console that delivers performance on par with the highest quality gaming PCs. In short, you’re in for a treat.
If you’re still on the fence about purchasing or you’ve purchased one recently, now is the time to think about an extended Xbox warranty. The new Xbox console is expensive. It makes sense to protect it from defects and accidental damage. An extended warranty will offer the protection your device needs.
Microsoft has its own warranty program called Microsoft Complete. It looks like a pretty solid program, but is it the best extended console warranty? Let’s look at how Microsoft Complete stacks up against Upsie in a number of categories.

Length of Coverage

Microsoft Complete covers your Xbox for “up to 3 years” against both defects and accidental damage. They say “up to 3 years” because, if you read the fine print, their coverage is limited. Once you make enough claims to equal the purchase price of the Xbox, your coverage ends. In addition, if you lose your receipt at any point, your coverage becomes null. As a result, you need to keep your receipt safe for the entirety of your plan.
Upsie warranty plans are available in both two and three-year terms. You get to choose how much protection is right for you. In addition, you upload a picture of your receipt to, making it unnecessary to hang onto the physical copy.

Number of Claims

Both Microsoft Complete and Upsie offer an unlimited number of claims up to the full cost of replacement. Upsie will also replace the console on the first claim if repairs don’t make sense.
However, Microsoft does have some prohibitions in the fine print. For example, the warranty only covers one “associated power supply unit with attaching cords replacement.” After making a claim to fix a power supply issue, your Microsoft warranty ends, even if it was your one and only claim made.


Microsoft takes a refreshingly simple approach to price. Their Complete service costs $49 upfront for any Xbox console.
Upsie’s price varies depending on how much you paid for the console. For a $299.99 Series S, you’ll pay slightly less for the Upsie warranty versus Microsoft Complete. A two-year warranty costs $34.99 and a three-year warranty costs $49.99.
Upsie’s Xbox Series X warranties are slightly more expensive. A warranty for a new $499 Series X console costs $48.99 for two years and $74.99 for three years.


If you need to make a claim, most warranty programs will require a deductible. These can range from small to quite costly, and it’s a point of differentiation here. Microsoft does not charge a deductible for their Xbox warranties.
Upsie charges a low deductible of just $25.

What Is the Coverage Like?

Coverage from Microsoft Complete and Upsie is pretty similar. Microsoft will repair broken devices or elect, at their discretion, to fully replace the damaged device. Microsoft does have a “no-lemon” provision where if the same component breaks a fourth time, they will replace the console or controller completely.
Upsie essentially takes the same approach, working with quality third-party repair shops. Often, you can even choose your own repair shop. In addition, Upsie’s claims representatives are refreshing to work with. In fact, Upsie has 4.5 stars on TrustPilot with thousands of satisfied customers.
Upsie’s warranties cover manufacturing defects, drops, spills, power failure, sound failure, and more.

Are Controllers Covered?

With Microsoft Complete, up to two Xbox controllers are covered in the warranty cost – but only if the controllers were bundled with your console purchase.
Upsie offers coverage on bundled controllers, but additional controllers can be covered a la carte, as well. That’s right, Upsie offers separate, shockingly affordable video game controller extended warranties. For example, an Upsie warranty for a $49.99 Xbox controller costs just $4.99 for two years and $7.99 for three years. Uspie’s controller warranties also protect against accidental damage, including drops and liquid spills.

When Can I Get It?

Microsoft Complete must be purchased at the time of sale. You cannot get your Xbox covered after the fact, period. You also can’t get coverage on used consoles or consoles purchased through some non-Microsoft retail channels. Some have had success getting coverage after the fact by calling Microsoft directly within 45 days of purchase. However, Microsoft’s site says this only applies if you get your device personally inspected by a Microsoft representative.
In contrast, Upsie offers quality extended warranty coverage on both new and used Xbox consoles purchased within the last 60 days. Where you bought it doesn’t matter to Upsie, as long as it comes with a limited manufacturer or seller warranty.

Get Covered Today

Considering the pros and cons listed above, we hope you’re ready to get covered with an extended console warranty. Upsie’s extended warranty plans are affordable, and the coverage and terms are excellent. Don’t go another day risking your gaming future. Get your Xbox protected today with Upsie!

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