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According to The Sun, a social media influencer bought a custom-made video game controller made of gold for $87,000. The company that created this impressive device substituted the typical plastic casing on a regular Xbox controller for a gold one.
The social media star admitted that he needed to stretch out production through multiple videos to pay for this gleaming device. The process required complex molding of the various parts and quite a bit of the valuable precious metal. The cost of the labor and materials accounts for the high price.
Sadly, the effort significantly increased the weight. The device attracted plenty of attention, but it’s unlikely to attract much demand for this unique kind of product.
Even if solid-gold controllers cost less, they’re not very practical. Some advanced controllers retail for hundreds of dollars even without a gold case. As an example, Microsoft sells some aviation game controllers for about $500. Of course, typical video gaming controllers tend to range from less than $100 to a little over $200.

Why Buy a Video Game Controller Extended Warranty?

Though most quality controllers retail for much less than $87,000 or even $500, the cost of gaming accessories can make up a substantial portion of the overall investment in a video game system. Nobody wants to treat these sophisticated, versatile devices as throw-aways. At the same time, many gamers don’t even realize they can get controllers serviced and repaired, just like they can access qualified technicians to work on their gaming computers or consoles.
Some typical starting costs for simple repairs of basic controllers from a repair shop might include:
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics: $20
  • Refurbishment: $30
  • Trigger repairs: $40
  • New shell: $60
Keep in mind that most damage repair will require more than one service. For instance, a typical issue will require troubleshooting and repair. Plus, an accident that cracked the case may also damage buttons, requiring more parts and labor. Customers with more advanced and expensive controllers will probably also face higher repair bills than these starting prices.
With these examples, it’s easy to see how the cost of repairs can start to mount until it approaches the original controller’s price. An extended warranty will keep repair bills under control, plus good warranty companies will ensure access to qualified technicians and make getting high-quality services accessible for anybody.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Video Game Controller Extended Warranty

Not only does Upsie offer protection plans for computers and consoles, but they also provide affordable extended warranties for gaming controllers and other accessories.
For instance, consider these highlights of Upsie extended warranties for gaming controllers:
  • Three years of total protection for a $199 Xbox controller costs about $28.
  • In turn, Upsie offers 24-7 claims and the choice between local and postage-paid, mail-in repairs from certified service centers.
  • Even better, if Upsie determines that repairs won’t make sense, the company will replace the damaged device on the first claim.
  • Upsie lets new customers sign up for protection for up to 60 days after purchase.
Upsie offers full coverage for accidents, premature wear, or defects and only charges a $25 deductible. That keeps repair costs predictable, and it will also keep damaged controllers performing and out of landfills. Most gamers won’t purchase controllers with solid-gold cases, but they can invest in solid-gold warranty protection. For gaming PCs, gaming consoles, and all gaming accessories, stay in the game with Upsie extended warranties.

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