Controller Battle: Xbox Elite 2 versus Scuf Instinct Pro

Game console controllers have certainly evolved over the years. What used to be a simple joystick or D-pad — and a couple of buttons — is now so much more.
Recently, third-party controllers (previously the laughingstock of the industry) have improved at a shocking pace. Nowhere is that more evident than with Scuf. This new contender in the controller space is giving Microsoft a run for its money.
Not sure whether to purchase Scuf? Keep reading to find out how the Scuf Instinct Pro controller measures up to the Xbox Elite 2 — and if either is worth the hefty price tag.

Xbox Elite 2

One of the first mass-market controllers aimed at hardcore players, the Xbox Elite was, suffice to say, a big success.
Naturally, Microsoft has followed with a wireless successor that’s just as accomplished. Thanks to completely adjustable thumbsticks and triggers, precise control is guaranteed.
Xbox includes several different thumbsticks with the controller, as well as two sets of paddles and two D-pads. So no matter what style of game you’re playing, the Elite 2 has a configuration that can handle it perfectly.
The Xbox Accessories app allows players to bark out voice commands that the Elite 2 will recognize. In addition, tasks such as taking a screenshot or recording video aren’t confined to the Share button. Finally, with up to forty hours of battery life, the Xbox Elite 2 controller will keep players in the game.
Another handy opportunity is that you can assign a button to act as a Shift key. This enables another button on the controller to perform a second function.
If there’s one drawback to the Xbox Elite 2, it’s the look. While it’s certainly a sleek device, the lack of customization options is a disappointment. For a suggested retail price of $157.99, it would have been nice to get a couple of different faceplates included, at the very least. One remedy for this is to track down a special Halo: Infinite Elite Controller, which has proven to be in high demand.
Microsoft intended this device to be about function over fashion, and that’s not a bad thing for many gamers.

Scuf Instinct Pro

The Xbox Elite 2 has a lot in common with the Scuf Instinct Pro. However, players who want to add a little pizazz to their controllers will love the Scuf Instinct Pro’s myriad of options. Scuf offers dozens of different faceplates, ranging from basic colors to Arctic Camo and eye-catching designs like Cherry Blossom.
The face buttons are customizable, as are the thumbsticks by simply removing the faceplate. There’s also a non-slip performance grip.
The Scuf Instinct Pro is more than just a pretty face(plate) — it’s got serious gaming chops as well. Adjustable triggers can go from normal to mouse-like responsiveness with the press of a button. You can also remove the rumble feature completely from the controller. Why does this matter? Some competitive gamers find the rumble distracting, so improving focus is a plus.
While it’s not as insanely customizable from a mechanical perspective, the Scuf Instinct Pro still hangs with the Xbox Elite 2. Sure, it’s more expensive — starting at $199.99 before any cosmetic options are added — but enthusiasts believe it’s well worth the price.
The amount of cosmetic customization options is almost endless. And while that may not make a difference from a gameplay perspective, the old saying rings true: “look good, play good.”

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