Compare Ayn Odin Versus Nintendo Switch Gaming Devices

These days, most people think of the Nintendo Switch when they picture a modern handheld gaming device. These versatile devices enable portable gaming, but they can also use a dock to function with a larger screen and full-sized controllers.
TechRadar recently lamented the lack of classic Nintendo games that worked on the Switch. This complaint explains at least one reason the TechRadar reviewer expressed so much excitement about the new Ayn Odin handheld device.
Ayn Odin conducted a successful IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the development of an updated version of a classic handheld gaming console. This new device can deploy classic games via an emulator, and it also plays cloud and Android native games. Because of the Nintendo Switch’s popularity, comparisons with the newly emerged Ayn Odin come naturally.

Why Do People Still Like Old-Fashioned Video Games?

In this age of realistic, high-resolution, and even VR games, classic games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s still attract many players. A quick search of Amazon uncovers dozens of refurbished or copycat versions of old handheld consoles and classic games.
Inverse conducted a study of people’s feelings about video games, and the subjects associated stronger emotions with games they played in the past that they felt nostalgic for. In addition, they tended to associate these games with their families and pleasant memories of their youth. The survey respondents also found the chance to replay these games therapeutic and uplifting.
Some people enjoy retro games, even if they never played them during the early years of video gaming. Simple shooters and arcade games offer a shorter and more straightforward experience than today’s modern, hyperrealistic epic storylines.

How Does the Ayn Odin Compare to the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch runs on Nintendo’s proprietary operating system. In contrast, the Ayn Odin developers took Android phones and covered them with an ergonomic game case. They included an advanced chipset, plenty of RAM, and HD graphics.
The Ayn Odin resembles the Nintendo Switch Lite with its 1080p touchscreen, 6-inch display, controls, ports, cooling system, and connectivity. Like the Switch, the Odin Series also has a dock that allows gamers to play with a bigger screen and controllers.
This new gaming handheld distinguishes itself by its ease of downloading and running emulators to access favorite classic games. It also has three performance modes, which regulate the amount of CPU it designates for emulation. With an emulator and some adjustment of the performance mode, this device can mimic the Gameboy, NES, PS1, Gamecube, and many more classic consoles.

How to Protect Handheld Gaming Consoles

The best option for handheld devices depends upon individual preferences for gaming styles and games. Both the Nintendo Switch and Ayn Odin offer high-performance, versatile gaming experiences. Either choice will provide plenty of opportunities to play on the go or at home with friends.
Upsie offers a superior extended warranty for handheld gaming consoles to enable limitless fun without concerns over high repair bills or hassles accessing repair services.
Features of Upsie warranties for handheld gaming devices include:
  • Upsie’s two-year and three-year device warranties cover accidents, wear, or defects.
  • Upsie customers can call live claims reps 24/7. And these professionals will assist with filing claims and sorting out repair options, including local or mail-in certified services.
  • Customers have up to 60 days after buying their device to purchase a warranty.
  • In addition, customers can transfer their warranties to new owners if they sell, trade, or give away the device.
Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers, ensuring that customers get the best protection for the best price. So take time choosing the best gaming handheld. After that, make the easy choice to buy an Upsie extended warranty.

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