Reasons to Buy an Xbox Console Extended Warranty

Xbox released the Xbox X gaming console at the end of 2020. Still, pandemic-related chip shortages, supply crunches, and distribution issues have made them somewhat hard to find.
According to TechRadar, the power, speed, and extra features that come with an Xbox X make it a trending choice for console gamers. Despite the relatively high starting price of about $695, it’s easy to understand why customers seek them out.
Once gamers procure their new gaming consoles, they’ll want to do everything that they can to protect them. For many, this protection will include a high-quality Xbox console extended warranty.

Why Purchase an Extended Warranty for an Xbox Gaming Console?

Like all gaming consoles, Xbox includes a limited warranty with each purchase. The Xbox Series X still comes with a relatively mundane, one-year limited warranty despite the advanced console. This list summarizes essential facts about the manufacturer’s protection:
  • The Standard Limited Warranty offers protection for one year for new consoles and only 90 days for refurbished models.
  • Like most limited warranties for electronics, it assures malfunctions caused by defects or poor craft.
  • The contact terms require the customer first to follow troubleshooting steps, and if these fail, the product’s owner must package the product to ship it to the service center.
Meanwhile, Microsoft charges $299 for out-of-warranty service for an Xbox Series X in the United States. This service also requires carefully packing the device and sending it to a service center.
Customers need to pay for repairs themselves after the warranty term ends. And, if the problem arises because of any issue besides defective parts and workmanship, it will be an out of pocket expense. For instance, customers might choose to obtain repairs from local service centers, but as with any out-of-warranty service, they will have to pay for it out of their pocket.
A good extended warranty can make it easy and significantly cheaper to get high-quality repairs.

Why Choose an Upsie Warranty for Xbox X Gaming Consoles?

The limited warranties for Xbox gaming consoles exclude everything but factory defects. Not included are common problems including issues with the display, ports, disc drive, connectivity, and power.
Meanwhile, Upsie offers convenient and comprehensive extended warranties for Xbox gaming consoles. Consider some highlights of these Xbox warranties:
  • Customers can choose two- and three-year protection plans for new or refurbished Xbox consoles.
  • Every plan comes with 24-7 claims and a choice of local repairs or postage-paid, mail-in service centers.
  • Covered repairs include damage caused by accidents or power, speaker, disc drive, connection, and mechanical failures. Even better, customers are only responsible for a $25 deductible.
Lastly, Upsie gives customers up to 60 days to obtain Xbox console warranty protection. So nobody needs to make a quick decision at the sales counter. Upsie offers their protection plans directly to customers so that they can charge up to 70 percent less than their in-store competitors.
New gaming consoles, like the Xbox Series X, can offer an unparalleled gaming experience. With Upsie, customers can make sure they enjoy all of the power and features of these advanced devices for years. Upsie also covers other brands, various accessories, and many types of electronics and appliances.

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