Xbox Series X Versus PS5 Gaming Consoles

Game Quitters reports that more than two billion people play video games all over the world. 150 million of these people are in the United States. That translates to a lot of gamers closely monitoring the ongoing battle between Xbox and Sony for console superiority. Both the Microsoft Xbox Series X and the Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) are exciting new additions to the ever-expanding gaming landscape set for release in 2020. Do you know which console suits your gaming preferences and needs?
The Upsie team took a closer look at these two exciting gaming consoles to help you determine which one will take your gaming skills and enthusiasm to the next level. Upsie explored criteria for both of these “next-gen” systems that include the hardware, media compatibility, and user interface.
Keeping in mind the financial investment you are putting into your console you may want to also consider buying an extended warranty from Upsie. It will ensure many problem-free hours of competition with yourself, family, friends, or online communities.

Vital Tech Specs for the Xbox Series X and the Sony PS5

The technical specifications of your console are essential and can make a big difference in the decision-making process for dedicated gamers.

Processor Speed

One of the most crucial specs of the Xbox Series X is its powerful processor, clocking in at speeds of 3.8 Gigahertz, compared to the PS5’s 3.5 Gigahertz, notes CNN. While the speed differential might not make a huge difference to new and recreational gamers, it could prove a pivotal distinction between the two for seasoned, competitive gamers.


The Xbox Series X comes in first again for storage with a massive 1 TB of SSD storage. Compare that to the Sony PS5 that offers 825 GB of SSD storage. Depending on how much gaming you plan to do, 175 GB of storage space might not make a huge difference for you. But it is worth considering for those who play multiple games per console.


The Xbox Series X Wireless Controller features haptic feedback, hybrid D-Pad, dynamic latency input, and Bluetooth low energy pairing. At the same time, the Sony PS5 has haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in microphone array which negates the need for a separate headphone.

Do Sony and Xbox Offer Extended Warranties for Their New Consoles?

The Xbox Series X offers a new generation of console gaming. It features innovations in hardware and software set to change everything for the future of gaming. With unprecedented speed, graphic fidelity, and dynamic power, you will want to play without interruption. Accidents and manufacturer flaws can happen, so you want to make sure you are covered to avoid any long-term breaks from play. Microsoft historically has offered their Microsoft Complete protection plans, but pricing has not yet been confirmed for the Series X.
The Sony PS5 promises there are no limits for game lovers with this console iteration with its 3D sound and adaptive triggers. However, there are unforeseen limits to any console when human error and accidents come into play. No warranty information is yet available for consumer review, so you must find an alternative coverage plan just in case. Upsie can help you keep your gaming console safe and covered, no matter which gaming console you choose.

How to Protect Your Gaming Console?

Upsie’s extended warranty for gaming consoles lets the games go on and on, even if you experience a drop, spill, or crack. Coverage includes:
  • Drops that result in damage to your console, such as cracks and broken hardware, are covered under accidental protection.
  • Liquid damage from submersions and spills are also covered under accidental protection.
  • Mechanical failures, manufacturer defects, and non-accidental failures that include parts like gears, motors, ball-bearings, and computer chip rotors.
  • Speaker and sound, power, hard drive, and WiFI failures are all covered under the warranty plan coverage.

How Much Do Upsie Extended Warranty Plans Cost?

Upsie offers extended warranty customers excellent deals to keep everyone gaming without interruption. For example, an extended warranty for a console priced $300-$499:
  • 2-year warranty with accidental protection with $25 deductible for $48.99
  • 3-year warranty with accidental protection with $25 deductible for $74.99

How Can You Buy and Activate Your Upsie Extended Warranty for Your Xbox Series X or Sony PS5?

When the consoles are released, and you make your purchase, make sure to buy your Upsie coverage within 60 days. At any time during your coverage period call the customer service representatives 24/7 to make a claim and provide details of the issue.
Contact Upsie to learn more about gaming consoles extended warranties.

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