Rumors and Leaks for the New Apple VR Headset

VR has expanded to video gaming, physical therapy, education, and more. And although there are some great VR headsets available, it’s rumored that Apple will soon be releasing its own VR headset. Here is what we know.

Release Date of the Apple VR Headset

There are conflicting reports that Apple will release a combination AR/VR headset (not to be confused with Apple Glasses) in the fall of 2022. Other reports say that they won’t be ready until sometime during 2023. Excited fans may have to wait longer than expected for these Augmented and Virtual Reality goggles.

Apple VR Headset Pricing

Although you can snag a pair of VR glasses now for under $500, get ready to pay a lot more for an Apple version. Apple’s pricing model is pretty expensive, and comparable devices usually cost hundreds more than the competition. Rumors say that these AR/VR glasses could cost as little as 2,200 but could also be as much as $4,400. That’s a hefty price tag to enter the Metaverse for some socializing or shopping.

Specifications of the Apple VR Headset

Apple has some lofty plans for its VR headset (codenamed N301). The headset will combine both augmented reality and virtual reality within the same headset, making it a unique choice among other market options. According to Apple VR headset leaks, some of the features expected in the new headset include:
  • Powered by the M1 or M2 chip
  • Short battery life – may be used for only short instances
  • Hand tracking or wearable controllers
  • Runs on realityOS
  • OLED screen
  • Possible wireless charging
  • Possible exterior camera and sensors for a more life-like experience
  • Body tracking
  • Possible air keyboard for typing
  • 12 tracking cameras, (2) 8K displays
  • LiDAR sensors to measure space
  • 16GB of RAM
  • Possible “smart rings” to track finger and hand movements
  • Possibly compatible with Apple Pencil
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Wi-Fi 6E support
As a result, the headset should be excellent for gaming, communication, collaboration, and media consumption. Some leaks also suggest that the headset targets developers rather than consumers.

Problems and Setbacks

Many sources claim that the release date of Apple’s AR/VR headset has been delayed due to numerous setbacks. Apple has very high standards for quality, and its new set of goggles are intended to flip the AR/VR world on its head with something truly memorable. The high expectations have created problems for designers and engineers attempting to make something far superior to what is already out there.

What We Know About Apple Glasses

Although there is a lot of buzz surrounding Apple’s AR/VR headset, the tech giant is also working on a see-through AR set of glasses allowing users to incorporate Augmented Reality into their daily lives. Apple Glasses aren’t due out until after the AR/VR headset hits the market.

Will Apple’s New AR/VR Headset Be Worth It?

Whether your goal is to play games, exercise, socialize, or attend virtual events, Apple’s new AR/VR headset should get you where you want to go.
Although the specs indicate that the Apple AR/VR headset could be something really great if the pricing structure is as high as it appears, will it be worth it? Perhaps if you are a developer and need to test new Metaverse software. But for consumers, the price point of $4,400 may be a bit too steep when you can opt for an excellent headset for under $1,000.

Protecting Your Apple VR Headset With an Upsie Warranty

Apple VR headset leaks are conflicting, but if Apple is true to form, they will most likely put out an enviable product that other manufacturers try to emulate. Apple is all about quality and pushing the needle forward.
Regardless of which headset you end up buying, you will need to pair it with an extended warranty. Most headsets come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty that lasts a year (or less) and covers only inherent defects. However, issues could show up after the warranty expires. Then you are left paying out of pocket for expensive repairs or replacements.
Upsie offers a better option. Upsie’s VR headset warranties are comprehensive and affordable. In addition, Upsie protects against manufacturing defects, accidental damage caused by spills, drops, and cracks, early wear, and more.
Customers love that Upsie’s warranty costs up to 70% less than the competition. Plus, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. As a result, customers get the best protection at the best price. Protect your VR gear with an Upsie warranty.

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