Upcoming VR Games: Ghostbusters and Among Us

Gamers have discovered the immersive experience they can enjoy with virtual reality games. Instead of sitting in a chair, players can get up, move around, and feel like they’re genuinely part of the action. Thus, plenty of well-known gaming franchises from traditional gaming platforms are releasing upcoming VR games for VR headsets.

Upcoming VR Games for Meta Quest 2 Headsets

In particular, the Meta Quest 2 device keeps adding new gaming apps to keep its users engaged. According to Digital Trends, Meta unveiled several new titles at its online Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Here are some of the most exciting games in 2022.

Among Us VR

Among Us established itself as a popular multiplayer game for traditional platforms. The VR version of Among Us may require more exertion and dexterity than the regular version, but it should provide a lot of fun. Crews must complete tasks and watch out for imposters who want to kill them, virtually, of course. Among Us VR will release in the 2022 holiday season.

Ghostbusters VR

This immersive new game should please any fans of the movie franchise. The game lets players act as Ghostbuster heroes to prevent the spooky creatures from taking over. Expect to see a Ghostbusters VR game released on Oculus Quest 2 later in the year.

Other Upcoming VR Games and Updates for Oculus Quest 2

Resident Evil 4 enjoys steady popularity on the Quest 2 platform. Meta announced an upcoming release of the Mercenaries expansion pack for Resident Evil 4 later in the year. Meta will also unveil its debut of NFL-licensed games with NFL Pro Era.
Other new releases include Espire 2, Red Matter 2, Moss: Book 2, RuinsMagus, Cities: VR, and Bonelab, a follow-up game to Boneworks. Expect more expansion packs for the Walking Dead and Beat Saber games.

The Best Oculus Headset Extended Warranties

Besides gaming, people use virtual reality to stream movies and music, attend classes, socialize, and conduct business meetings. Despite these various kinds of VR apps, most people still consider VR headsets as a kind of gaming console. Headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 would fit better into their own category as a kind of computer, like a PC or tablet.
In any case, Upsie offers extended warranties for the Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets. Highlights of Upsie’s VR headset protection include:
  • Customers have up to 60 days after purchasing a new headset to register a warranty. The company provides a choice between two and three years of protection.
  • Repairs only require a $25 deductible, and Upsie’s customers can select local or mail-in services.
  • Upsie’s comprehensive protection includes accidents, power shorts, physical damage, and much more.
Most warranty companies ask customers to submit online claims and then wait for mail-in instructions. In contrast, Upsie customers can call a live representative 24-7 for help filing claims and scheduling services. In addition, customers can purchase a warranty entirely online in less than five minutes.
Some people will assume that this premium extended warranty will cost a lot, but Upsie charges less than its retail competitors. For instance, a three-year Upsie plan costs less than two-year extended warranties from Target, BestBuy, or Walmart.
Besides Quest 2, Upsie also offers protection plans for other VR headsets, gaming consoles, and electronics. Find the best platform for gaming adventures, and trust Upsie to keep these devices performing.

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