Upsie Versus Target Warranties for Electronics

Target retail stores are fabulous. Of course, we may be a bit biased because Target is from our home state of Minnesota. But a retail store has to be great when it has a snazzy nickname like Tarzhay, right? From electronics to home decor, clothing and home goods, Target seems to have it all. They even sell warranties for electronics devices. Learn about the Target warranty plans and a better option to protect your electronic devices.

What does Target offer protection plans on?

Target offers protection plans on electronic devices. The list includes:
  • Audio
  • Baby
  • Bikes
  • Cameras
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Headphones & speakers
  • Laptops
  • Portable Electronics
  • Tablets
  • Toys
  • TV’s
  • Wearables
  • Furniture
Upsie offers warranties for many of the same items including:

How do Target extended warranties work?

When you checkout in a Target store or on, they will ask if you want warranty protection. If you answer yes, it will be added to your bill and you will be sent home with the warranty information. It’s best if you register your warranty, but it is not required. However, if you lose the information before you need to make a claim, you’re out of luck.
If you search for common questions regarding Target warranties on their website, you’ll actually be redirected to SquareTrade. The same goes for making a claim. SquareTrade operates their warranties through Target. They do the same for Walmart.

Is the Target TV warranty any good?

There is a better option than Target TV warranties. Upsie plans cost less for the same coverage. For example, on 4/13/2022, a Target warranty for a $499.99 Samsung TV costs $75. An Upsie warranty for the same TV costs only $46.99. Both plans are three years and neither plan has a deductible. Upsie even offers a five-year TV warranty plan which costs $111.99.

Does SquareTrade back Target extended warranties?

Yes, Target warranties are provided by SquareTrade. For your reference, SquareTrade is owned by Allstate. When you need to make a claim, you will actually end up on SquareTrade’s website, not Target’s website. So they really are not Target warranties at all; they are just branded that way.

I need to use my Target warranty – how do I start?

Great question! You can get to the claims page from the Target website or go straight to SquareTrade’s claim page. Make sure you have your receipt with you because you will need it to make the claim. No receipt? You can try to contact Target to get a copy of the receipt emailed to you. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain a copy.

Are Target protection plans the best option?

No, we do not believe that Target protection pans are the best option. To begin, their plans are bought in-store and then registered online by creating an account. They claim that you can email or fax a copy of your receipt for storage, but it is not stored with your warranty information, so it is not a seamless experience like Upsie provides. Lastly, small devices must be mailed in to be repaired, which takes five business days. That means you could be without your device for over one full week!
In contrast, Upsie warranties are purchased completely online. When you upload a picture of your receipt, it is stored in your account where you can access it at any time. Additionally, when you make a claim, our claims department will already have the receipt, so the claim goes quickly. Upsie also offers local repair at certified shops and even Genius bars for Apple products. In most cases, you can make a smartphone claim and get it repaired on the same day!
In the end, Target and Allstate (who own SquareTrade) are huge companies that wear many hats. Upsie only focuses on providing the best, most seamless warranty experience for their customers. After all, Upsie was created so customers can have a better warranty option.

Is my electronic device from Target eligible for an Upsie protection plan?

Upsie can protect most electronic devices as long as they fall within our eligibility window. This includes new, used and refurbished devices. The eligibility window is as follows:
  • Smartphones: purchased within the last 120 days
  • TVs, appliances, fitness equipment: purchased within the last 11 months
  • Laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and everything else: purchased within the last 60 days
If you did not see your item category in that list, visit the Upsie website and navigate to the plan you’re curious about.

Can I cancel my Target or SquareTrade plan?

Yes, you can! However, they don’t make it easy. First, you must register your plan on SquareTrade’s website. Then you can cancel your plan for a refund.

How can I get an Upsie Warranty?

Visit to view coverage and shop for protection plans. Upsie plans are only sold online, so if you already purchased a warranty at the store, it is not an Upsie warranty. Most in-store warranties can be canceled for a refund, so you can switch to Upsie if you are within the eligibility time frame.
Learn more about how Upsie works on their website, or contact them via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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Updated 4/13/22

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