How to Choose the Best Blink Video Doorbell Warranty

Blink attracted attention from technical publications and mainstream news sites when it released its $50 video doorbell late last year. To be fair, the complete package costs $85 because the doorbell needs a Blink Sync Module 2 to work.
Even so, CNN reported that some companies might offer slightly cheaper video doorbells, but nobody else offers better value. That’s particularly true because Blink doesn’t require a subscription to work, though they also have a paid plan to provide extra features.

Why Does the $50 Blink Video Doorbell Offer Excellent Value?

People with other Blink devices that already use the Sync Module 2 can buy the video doorbell for about $50. Then all they need to do is mount it by the door and insert two AA batteries. According to the company, batteries should last two years because the Sync Module 2 handles most of the power-intensive heavy lifting.
If users don’t care to spend an extra $30 per year on a subscription for cloud storage, they can store images locally on their own drives. These features and options explain why the Blink Video Doorbell offers a good deal for people who want to stretch their budgets. Other companies might offer more feature-rich video doorbells, but the Blink model exceeds expectations for the price.
Besides this video doorbell, Blink also sells a relatively affordable indoor and outdoor security camera selection. Find Blink’s home security devices for sale on Amazon. Amazon owns Blink, but other retailers also sell these security devices. Some examples include Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Who Offers the Best Blink Video Doorbell Warranty?

Blink includes a typical limited warranty with each purchase. The contract explicitly excludes accidents, misuse, fires, and many other sources of damage. The company agrees to repair or replace defective doorbells for one year after purchase.
Mainly, these initial warranties guarantee that the device arrives in good order. For more comprehensive protection, consider buying an extended warranty.
For instance, Upsie offers extended warranties for the Blink Video Doorbell, other Blink security devices, and other brands. Prices cost up to 70% less than store plans for secure coverage that includes mechanical, sound, power, and connectivity failure. Plus, the Upsie warranty will pay to repair any defects that might appear after Blink’s initial contract ends.

Why is Upsie the Best Choice for Video Doorbell Warranties?

Highlights of a Blink video doorbell warranty plan by Upsie include:
  • Choose a two- or three-year plan up to 60 days after buying the device.
  • Call 24-7 claims representatives to submit damage claims and coordinate repairs.
  • Select between local or mail-in repairs by certified technicians.

Get Started With Upsie Extended Warranties Today

Upsie also makes it very easy for new customers to enroll in warranty protection. Register online and upload a digital copy of the sales receipt. The live claims representatives will answer the phone to help file claims and offer repair options. Even better, Upsie doesn’t charge a deductible for home automation claims.
Besides video doorbells and security cameras, Upsie also provides warranties for smart locks, thermostats, baby monitors, and more. The Blink Video Doorbell gives almost everybody a chance to enjoy advanced home security without spending much money. Similarly, Upsie’s direct-to-customer sales model lets it offer high-quality coverage without charging high premiums.

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