Smart Home Tech Everybody Should Consider Buying in 2022

Smart home devices can offer families convenience, security, comfort, and efficiency. Lately, so many companies have introduced various smart home devices that consumers might not know where they should begin. While some small devices may only cost a few dollars, connected appliances and high-end electronics may cost thousands.
Prudent consumers will want to start with the electronics and appliances that offer them good value. This article considers the most popular kinds of intelligent home tech that almost every household can use to get started.

Smart Speakers

According to Tom’s Guide, people who don’t yet have any smart home devices should start with a smart speaker. Not only can these devices play music, podcasts, and other content, but they also offer access to internet information and can control other smart devices through voice commands.
The best choice might depend upon preferences for operating systems or brands. Apple, Google, and Amazon offer the most common smart home assistants. Some good options include:
  • Amazon Echo Dot With Clock: Amazon gets credit for popularizing smart home assistants with its Echo line. This smart speaker comes with built-in Alexa, like all Amazon devices. It only costs $60 and offers a great introduction to smart devices.
  • Nest Audio: For a better speaker and compatibility with Google, consider Next Audio. For about $100, it comes packed with features and the option to connect to other nest speakers around your home.
Some people may prefer a smart display with a screen and speakers. For instance, the screen can show images from a home security camera. Compare the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 8 for popular choices.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras can offer many benefits. They may deter crime and help catch criminals, earn homeowners insurance discounts, and provide the convenience of knowing who’s at the door.
The Arlo 4 Spotlight Camera may offer a good option. It has wireless connectivity, DIY installation, and compatibility with Apple, Amazon, and Google. The purchase includes a three-month trial subscription, but after that expires, it will cost a few dollars a month to access some features. This security camera retails for about $190.

Other Intelligent Home Additions to Consider

Some simple smart home devices include light bulbs and plugs. The bulbs make it easy to control and schedule lighting, and the plugs can manage any number of non-smart electronics or appliances.
In addition, an intelligent washer and dryer can save time and money by sensing and analyzing a load of laundry to automatically set the optimal cycle and sending a text when it finishes. In particular, consumers consider intelligent home thermostats to keep their homes more comfortable and conserve power.

How to Protect Smart Home Tech

Of course, most people already have smart devices in their homes, including smartphones, PCs, and even the latest TV sets. Computers and connectivity enable these devices to work together and benefit the people who live in the household.
Upsie offers a smart home warranty that will protect your smart home devices from damage. Upsie’s warranties prevent unexpected bills for repairs and promote accessible repairs from certified repair shops. In addition, these warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers. With affordable prices, 24-7 claims service, and robust coverage, buying an Upsie warranty for smart devices is a wise choice.
Upsie also offers affordable, high-quality extended warranties for smartphones, TVs, PCs, and other kinds of appliances and electronics.

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