Protect Your Home With the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor

According to data from, around 30% of US homeowners have some sort of security system installed in their homes. However, the majority of these security systems are flawed. They aren’t actually able to detect when an intruder enters the home through what is arguably a home’s weakest points: glass doors and windows.
Standard security systems are great, but most cannot detect shattered glass. Thankfully, the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is a product that solves this problem. To help you decide if this product is right for your home, we’ll take a look at how it works. We’ll include the benefits that it provides and how you can protect the technology that’s protecting your home with an extended warranty from Upsie.

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor: What it is and How it Works

Most security system packages come with a number of window and door sensors. These sensors are designed to detect when an entry to your home is forced. They work via a magnet and a switch that are pushed together when the door or window is closed, creating a circuit. When an entry point is forced open, the switch and magnet are disconnected. At this point the circuit is broken, triggering an alarm. However, if a burglar breaks the glass pane in your window or door rather than forcing it open, it doesn’t work. The intruder is then able to access your home without ever triggering an alarm .
The solution to this chink in your home security armor is to install glass break sensors. Glass break sensors work by detecting the high-pitched shattering noise that breaking a glass door or window creates. The biggest drawback of most glass break sensors, though, is the fact that they can be quite sensitive. Simply dropping your keys on the floor or placing dishes in the sink can cause a false alarm, leading to a lot of annoyances.
This brings us to the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor. The smart sensor eliminates the issue of false alarms by utilizing AI technology. Thanks to its machine learning algorithms, it can detect sounds more accurately than other glass break sensors. In fact, the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can detect the sound of broken glass from up to 25 feet away! In turn, you can install fewer sensors in your home while still achieving full coverage.
Like most Ring products, the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can be fully controlled via an app on your smartphone. You will receive a mobile alert if the sound of shattering glass is detected. In addition, you can set the sensor to automatically sound your Ring Alarm when the alarm is armed in “Home” or “Away” mode.
The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is by far one of the most innovative sensors on the market. It’s a worthwhile addition to any home security system thanks to its improved accuracy at detecting the sound of shattering glass. It also has a wide range of coverage and convenient mobile features.

Protect Your Home Security System With an Extended Warranty From Upsie

A home security system is a great way to keep you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe from intruders. However, a good home security system is a costly investment and is itself something that is worth protecting.
If you would like to ensure that the devices comprising your home security system are covered against all types of damages – including power surges, software malfunctions, and beyond – then a Smart Home Tech Warranty from Upsie is an excellent option to consider. To learn more about the benefits of this warranty and how it can help protect the system that protects your home, feel free to contact Upsie today.

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