What Is the Best Google Nest Smart Home Device Warranty?

Imagine using the same smart devices to listen to music and news, play games, converse with a visitor at the door or a friend in another city, dim the lights, and see an alert when the dryer’s cycle ends. That’s exactly the kind of power that Google Nest devices can bring into homes. Handy and versatile, Google Nest smart products have already made their way into tens of millions of homes, according to the CEO, Marwan Fawaz.
Besides smart speakers and displays, other Google Nest products include intelligent thermostats, smoke detectors, and video doorbells. In addition, all devices have intelligent features powered by Google Home Assistant. They can communicate with each other and other compatible products.
For a good introduction to Google Nest, look at this review of the Google Hub Nest Max. This smart display includes Google Home Assistant, provides plenty of features on its own, and also integrates with other smart products.

Do Google Nest Smart Home Products Need an Extended Warranty?

Like all brand-name manufacturers, Google includes a limited warranty with any purchase of a Google Nest Product. It’s actually pretty generous in the beginning because it allows returns if dissatisfied for any reason within the first 30 days.
After 30 days, this protection reverts to acting like a regular limited warranty. For instance:
  • Product owners must file online claims with the warranty company and follow instructions to ship the defective product back.
  • The limited warranty only covers problems caused by a manufacturing defect and not any other reason.
  • The limited warranty covers most products for two years, but thermostats only get one year of protection.
Beyond the first 30 days, the warranty focuses on ensuring customers purchased a product without defects. If any defects show up after the warranty period ends, the customer still has to pay for repairs or replacements.
If the product stops functioning well during the warranty period because of a worn button or electrical surge, the customer is still on their own. Beyond having to pay the entire repair bill, sometimes it’s even difficult to find qualified repair services for these high-tech devices. In contrast, an extended warranty extends coverage to provide a lot more protection.

Why Choose an Upsie Extended Warranty?

This limited warranty won’t help pay to repair damage from such common problems as cracked screens, spilled soda, or electrical surges. In contrast, an Upsie Google Nest warranty doesn’t just cover manufacturing defects — it will also help pay to repair problems caused by accidents, electrical shorts, and much more.
And Upsie customers don’t just get access to 24-7 claim representatives by phone; they also have the option of choosing pre-paid mail or local service. With Upsie, customers never have to worry about hidden fees or complex rules and exclusions. Instead, there’s a small deductible and very clear plan and pricing details printed right on the website.
Today’s smart systems offer lots of benefits. For instance, they can make homes more secure and help people control their energy costs. In addition, they provide an easy way to enjoy entertaining and informative content, such as streaming movies, podcasts, recipes, and weather reports. Very often, people start turning to their smart devices every day.
Because such large companies as Google and Amazon offer a variety of smart systems and integrated devices, sometimes consumers find that selecting the best one is the hardest part. No matter which brand or model makes it home, it’s simple to choose to protect the smart device with an Upsie extended warranty.

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