The Best Home Security Camera Doorbells Available in 2021

Today’s home security system camera doorbells are amazingly advanced — and they’re also surprisingly easy for ordinary people to install. With so many excellent options now available, there’s no reason not to jump into the world of video doorbells.
Solutions from Ring, Arlo, and Nest provide different levels of service at varying price points — but it’s important to examine these options carefully before moving forward. To that end, we’ve highlighted a few of the best home security camera doorbells currently on sale.

The Best Wireless Doorbells

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Homeowners who don’t want to struggle with wiring a video doorbell will love the Arlo Essential — a $199 wireless camera that can be mounted anywhere. The many features packed into this nifty-looking doorbell include two-way talk and pre-recorded messages for visitors.
Consumers who would rather integrate their camera with their preferred smart home system will be happy to know that Arlo Essential is compatible with Google Assistant. It also works well with Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa.

Google Nest (Battery) Doorbell

Brand new to the market, Google’s latest Nest video doorbell aims to knock Arlo and Ring down a peg by providing all of the features consumers have come to expect at a price that undercuts the competition.
For $179, the oddly named Nest Battery offers free video event history for up to three hours, along with the ability to set activity zones within the view of the camera. If something happens in these specific zones, Nest will send an alert to the Nest app. It’s a nifty feature, but not all that useful given what video doorbells are intended to provide.
However, a wider and taller field of view should still satisfy most users, allowing them to get a head-to-toe look at who is at the door. This alone may make the Nest Battery a worthy investment.

The Best Wired Video Doorbells

Ring Elite/Ring 2020 Release

For consumers who don’t mind putting a hefty price tag on security, the Ring Elite video doorbell could be a worthy option. Checking in at $349, it’s by no means cheap — but neither is replacing valuable items once someone has run off with them.
The innovative Power by Ethernet design means the doorbell is hardwired into the home internet connection. This is a definite plus for houses with spotty and unreliable WiFi. Professional installation is recommended with the Ring Elite. This might drive some away, but probably not many considering they already dropped $350 for the video doorbell.
The Ring Elite’s 1080p camera is exceptional, as are all of the features provided with the Ring App. These include live notifications and the ability to control other Ring devices from within one app.
On the opposite end of the price spectrum? Ring’s video doorbell release from 2020. Significantly cheaper at only $99, the Ring 2020 release can also be utilized wire-free with the included battery pack. That being said, this setup obviously doesn’t offer the peace of mind of a hardwired connection such as the Ring Elite. The device itself is also not nearly as attractive, with a look that will stand out on any front door. Still, it comes packed with features and priced to move.

Google Nest Doorbell (wired)

Another oddly named product, formerly known as the Nest Hello, is Google’s wired version of the Nest doorbell. It packs some seriously impressive tech into its $229 package.
Facial recognition allows users to mute notifications if someone as harmless as the mailman or a neighbor stops by. Meanwhile, 24/7 continuous video recording via a Nest Aware subscription will make any homeowner feel like a superhero watching over their hideout. While some of these features could be overkill, those in the market will certainly be able to utilize them.

Protection for Your Home Security Tech

There are definite pros and cons to the various systems highlighted above. However, there’s never a downside to investing in an extended home tech warranty from Upsie. This provides just as much peace of mind as security doorbells themselves.
Should these devices sustain damage, a quick call to the 24/7 claims line will set a repair or replacement in motion. Meanwhile, cutting out the middle man means significant savings, as compared to typical retail warranties. Lower prices and better coverage make Upsie extended warranties an easy solution to take on.

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