Wyze Versus Ring Smart Video Doorbell for Your Home

Like nearly every other market, the smart doorbell market becomes increasingly competitive each day. If you want to add to your smart home tech with a doorbell, you’ll have plenty of high-quality choices with some competitive prices.
Electronics and smart product manufacturers want to find ways to fit their smart items, like doorbells, into your smart home setup. Both Wyze and Ring offer options with top features for reasonable prices. Remember that you should always invest in an extended smart home tech warranty to keep your home security functioning properly.
Get ready to learn more about the Wyze Doorbell and the Ring Doorbell to see which one is the answer to your needs.

Wyze Doorbell Plus Chime

The Wyze Doorbell is a budget-level system offering great features including:
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Sharp 1080p video
  • Easy installation
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • People and package detection
  • Small form factor
  • Compatible with several third-party smart devices
  • Free cloud-based video storage
  • And much more
Those features alone make it an attractive option in a crowded field, notes John R. Delaney of PC Magazine. Let’s explore some additional Wyze Doorbell features that offer convenience and security for your home.

An Aspect Ratio That Puts Things and People In Perspective

Featuring a 3:4 aspect ratio & 1080p full HD video capabilities, you can see moving images closer to reality than another doorbell live stream video option. Essentially, this feature lets you see every visitor at your door from head to toe. Further, you can see packages left on your doorstep right beneath your doorbell and all around the porch area.

Remote Capabilities That Let You See What’s Happening Outside Your Door No Matter Where You Are

Like so many other doorbell devices, Wyze offers you 24/7/365 remote recording capabilities that let you capture all the action outside your door, no matter how mundane. In most cases, the more mundane, the better. However, you instantly boost your security when you install a system like the Wyze Video Doorbell Plus Chime.

Instant Push Notifications to Your Smartphone or Tablet Mean You Never Miss a Guest or Delivery

Setting up your push notifications means you’ll know instantly if someone presses your doorbell. After that, pull up the live stream of what your doorbell is capturing to see who is at the door to decide whether to keep working or go greet the delivery driver. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you feel like answering or not. Wyze gives you the heads-up you need to make the best decision for you.

Chime Included

Choose the notification sound you’ll hear and instantly recognize every time, such as a ring, bark, or chirp.

The Wyze Extended Warranty

Similar to other Wyze products, you’ll need to decide whether you want to purchase the Wyze extended warranty at checkout when purchasing your smart doorbell. Fortunately, you’ll find other extended warranty options that aren’t so pressurized or limiting.

The Wyze Doorbell Wrap-up

The Wyze Doorbell offers a great product at a relatively low price of $54.98. While some of its important features haven’t yet been enabled, there is still plenty to appreciate until Wyze releases the updates.

Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell offers a comparable product to Wyze’s Doorbell at a slightly higher price of $99.99. Does the Ring Doorbell offer enough bells and whistles to warrant the higher price? Top features include remote answer capabilities, a small wired doorbell camera, HD video, two-way talk functionality, advanced motion detection, Alexa device or Ring Chime options, and real-time push notification alerts sent to your smartphone.

Ring Doorbell Works With Every Kind of Home

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single-family home, you can easily install and use your Ring Doorbell.

You’ll Feel Safer Checking Out What’s Happening Outside Your Front Door When You’re Home or Away

Most people don’t want to open the front door of their home if they aren’t expecting guests. With your Ring Doorbell, you can find out who is visiting your home, announced or unannounced, and decide whether you want to come down or not. Even better, you can monitor your home’s front pathway leading up to your porch 24/7/365.

Power Your Ring Doorbell With a Rechargeable Battery or Via Hard Wiring

Whatever keeps your doorbell up, running, and detecting activity outside your front door, you can use it with the Ring Doorbell.

Invest In a Wyze or Ring Doorbell Warranty to Assure Your Home’s Ongoing Security

An extended warranty for any security-oriented smart home device has become essential. You don’t want to leave your home and family vulnerable for an extended time if something goes wrong with your Wyze, Ring or other doorbell. Invest in an Upsie extended warranty today by contacting the customer service team to learn more. Or purchase your plan directly on upsie.com within 60-days of purchasing your new doorbell.

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