Blink vs Ring Security Cameras: Which Model Is the Best?

Smart home security systems once seemed the stuff of science fiction, but that has all changed. These days, WiFi-enabled cameras give users the ability to watch over their homes from the comfort of their smartphone.
The rapid rise in popularity of these systems has led to a market crowded with competitors, all fighting for the almighty dollar. Amazon acquired Blink in 2017, and the competition got even more fierce thanks to the shopping behemoth’s ability to direct consumers to their own newly minted line of security devices.
How do these devices stack up against Ring, one of the trusted leaders in the space and another property? Keep reading for insight into the Blink vs Ring security cameras debate:

Ring’s Security Camera Offerings

Plenty of viral videos have made the rounds over the years featuring inept intruders, careless package delivery drivers, or adorable trick-or-treaters — all captured on Ring doorbell cameras. These incredibly popular devices have been a market staple since 2014. Over the course of nearly a decade, they have been refined to near perfection.
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 features a 150-degree horizontal and vertical point of view. Further, the video resolution is good enough to catch thieves or identify harmless visitors. Meanwhile, Bird’s Eye View lays out a handy trail so users can see exactly where each motion-activated subject is coming from. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 costs $239. That price is a bit expensive, especially considering its inability to be used with Apple’s Homekit or Google Assistant.
Ring’s $99 Stick Up Cam is a great choice for homeowners on a budget. The wire-free design and easy setup make it a breeze to install. Accessing recorded video requires paying Amazon for the use of their cloud storage service, but it’s well worth the price for peace of mind.
One benefit of entering the Ring ecosystem? The app software, which features a bevy of useful options. For example: the ability to coordinate with other neighbors whenever something suspicious happens, along with a map pinpointing the location.

What Blink Brings to the Table

Blink’s lineup of security cameras offers something for every kind of homeowner. The appropriately named Blink Outdoor offers fully wireless surveillance, with the added bonus of up to two years of battery life. All of the usual outdoor camera features are here, including two-way audio, live video monitoring via the smartphone app, and customizable motion detection alerts.
The Blink’s best feature may be its $99 price tag. This makes the Blink Subscription Plan — which is needed to make the most out of the device — a little easier to stomach.
Inside the home is where Blink’s offerings really shine. The Blink Indoor offers essentially the same suite of features as its outside sibling — at a slightly reduced price of $79. The camera won’t exactly blend in with your decor, but it also won’t stick out like a sore thumb or make guests feel like they’re being watched.
An even more discreet option: the Blink Mini. It’s a plug-in 1080p camera that’s small enough to hide in a bookcase or entertainment center. Shoppers who aren’t trying to be covert — and just looking for a way to find out if Fido has been jumping on the couch while they’re at work — will definitely want to invest in a Blink Mini or two. The economical price tag of just $34.99 makes it an easy purchase, too.

Which Camera Is The Best?

The Blink Outdoor and the Ring Stickup Cam both retail for $99. There really isn’t much of a difference between the devices, as they serve the same basic purpose and feature Amazon’s Alexa integration. The Blink Indoor and Mini are the way to go if a nanny camera is required, especially considering Ring’s overpriced $59 indoor camera offering.
Amazon has done a great job providing consumers with multiple home security options, with Blink narrowly edging out Ring as the favorite. Both, however, are worthy options for any home requiring a modern security camera setup.

Protecting Blink vs Ring Cameras With Upsie

There are benefits and downsides when you compare both the Blink vs Ring cameras. Yet, no matter the final decision, it’s important to invest in an extended security camera warranty. Upsie provides a great option, as it goes far beyond standard limited warranties to provide exceptional coverage. Upsie’s plans are surprisingly affordable but will still provide valuable protection when security cameras suffer damage.
In addition, Upsie provides multiple options to repair security cameras. You can take them to local certified repair facilities or shipping them with prepaid two way shipping. If, for some reason, the camera cannot be repaired, a replacement will be provided.

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