The Best Solar Chargers for Taking Tech Off-the-Grid

Whether going for a hike or a day-long camping trip, spending some time off the grid is a great way to disconnect… but not fully. In addition to checking social media and texting friends and family, many people use their phones to take pictures or videos of their adventures. Furthermore, over one billion people use Google Maps monthly, so having GPS is essential to staying safe.
Therefore it’s important to keep those devices charged, especially when you’re “off the grid” and away from electricity. Luckily, you can’t totally escape the sun, so why not use one of the many solar chargers on the market to charge your devices? Keep reading to see five of the best solar chargers in 2022.

1. FEELLE Solar Power Bank Charger

The FEELLE Solar Power Bank Charger holds a lot of power and charges most cellphones eight or more times before losing battery. This power bank unfolds to reveal four solar panels and, while unfolded, can provide energy levels similar to a standard 5W wall charger. Then it folds up to make for easy and compact transportation. However, it does take about 25-30 hours in the best sun condition to charge the power bank fully. In turn, it’s recommended to fully charge the power bank via the USB charging cable before leaving, then use solar energy to supplement the battery.
The FEELLE Solar Power Bank is water- and dust-resistant and comes with rainproof silicone covers for the 2 USB ports to protect them from damage. It weighs just over one pound, so it is on the heavier side but is still light enough for easy transport. This portable charger is available on Amazon for $43.99.

2. Riapow Solar Charger

The ​​Riapow Solar Charger stands out for its wireless charging capabilities that can charge up to 4 devices. Like the FEELLE power bank, this phone charger provides up to eight full charges for most smartphones. In addition, the Riapow solar power bank stores about eight days' worth of power on a full battery, making it a perfect choice for day trips and longer camping excursions.
In addition to its charging capabilities, it has an LED flashlight built-in. The rubber and plastic casing make the charger tough and water-proof, perfect for any outdoor adventure. You can purchase the Riapow for $42.99 on Amazon.

3. Oukafen Solar Charger

All of the chargers on this list are designed to withstand the outdoors, but the Oukafen Solar Charger takes it to the next level with its LED flashlight, compass, and the included leather case and carabiner for easy carrying. Additionally, it’s dust-, water-, and shock-proof and weighs less than one pound, so it’s ready to accompany you wherever you go.
The Oukafen can act as a phone charger for two phones with two USB ports. It can charge smartphones multiple times and has a LED light that indicates the battery level, so you know when the charger needs exposure to the sun. In addition, this portable charger is more affordable than the others for only $35.99 on Amazon.

4. Anker PowerCore100

Like the Oukafen, the Anker PowerCore Solar 10000 is water-, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant and comes with a built-in flashlight. The power bank holds enough battery to charge most smartphones about twice. In addition, it has temperature protection and can withstand intense heat. This power bank is available on Amazon for $39.99.

5. Anker 513 Solar Panel

The Anker 513 Solar Panel isn’t a power bank. Instead, it’s a foldable portable solar panel that can charge your phone any time it’s in the sun. This product is great for off-the-grid camping trips where access to electricity will be scarce. Just lay it out in the sun and let it charge your devices.
Since it isn’t a power bank battery, this device does not store a charge. Instead, it will only charge your devices while in the sun. However, this means you don’t need to worry about keeping a power bank charged. It still delivers a quick charging speed of about 2.4 amps per port in direct sunlight. It’s weather resistant for outdoor use and can attach to backpacks for easy carrying and to charge your devices on the go. You can buy the solar panel for $69.99 on the Anker website.

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