How to Keep Your Phone Safe at the Beach

For many, summertime means heading to one of the 5,439 beaches in the United States. While you may love laying in the sand and playing in the water, your phone and other electronic devices do not. So, if you’re heading to the beach soon, consider using one of these techniques to keep your phone safe at the beach.

Buy a Waterproof Phone Cover

The biggest beach foe is water. Many smartphones are now waterproof, but the salty waves can still do damage to them and other devices. The best way to keep your device dry is to leave it at home. For most smartphone users, leaving it behind is not an option. The second-best way to keep your phone dry is with a waterproof cover. You can buy them at most beach destinations, but I recommend purchasing a cover with high reviews before you go. Here’s one to try out. With a waterproof cover, not only can you not worry about water damage, you can also use it through the casing!

Order Some Dust Plugs

When people think of the beach, they think water and sand, which leads us to our next technique: dust plugs. Sand can cause your phone a lot of damage if it gets into the charging port or headphone jack. Using dust plugs like these is a simple solution to prevent a cumbersome problem. An alternate solution would be using an old or broken plugin and cutting off the wire.

Bring Sealable Plastic Bags to the Beach

If you don’t want to invest any money into protecting your device at the beach, use a plastic bag. It’s not as trustworthy as a waterproof cover, but it will definitely get the job done! It also does a great job of protecting your phone from sand and dust.

Keep Your Phone Out of the Heat

A third beach foe is the heat. If you spend time outside in the summer, you’ve probably experienced your smartphone overheating. Overheating can cause irreversible damage, so you want to prevent this from ever happening. Luckily, preventing it is simple: keep it out of the sun! This is as easy as leaving it in your bag or covering it with a shirt. Closing out of apps that use a lot of battery or turning it on airplane mode helps, as well.

Invest in a Lock Box

A way to cover all three of the previous travel tips is with a travel lock box. There are multiple brands to choose from. One of the most popular is the SAFEGO Lockbox Safe. It will keep your device safe from theft, sand, water and heat! You can use it anywhere, even long after your spring break vacation ends.

Clean it Up

The most underrated way to keep your device safe is to clean it! It’s easy to drop a phone when it’s slippery with sunscreen and sweat. Use a wipe designed for electronics or a cloth with water to clean all of that grime off. If you want to learn how to clean all of your gadgets properly, click here.

Get a Warranty

Bonus tip! If you want to be extra safe, make sure your device is protected with a warranty. Most retailers and smartphone carriers offer warranty plans. I recommend not using those and instead using Upsie for your warranty protection. It is more affordable for the same great coverage with exceptional customer service. You can check out all of their plans here.
Happy vacationing and good luck keeping your phone safe at the beach!

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