Comparing Google Wifi Versus Nest Wifi

Despite each hailing from the same manufacturer, there are crucial differences between Google Wifi and Nest Wifi. The devices are distinct from simple range extenders and are mesh routers. A good mesh router network will spread reliable, high-speed internet throughout the home.
There are many similarities between Google Wifi and Nest Wifi. However, it’s where they differ that’s arguably more important. This article takes a closer look at both options to help you determine which product will be the best match for your home.

What Is Google Wifi?

The 2016 Google Wifi, not to be confused with Google Fi, represents the search engine giant’s first foray into mesh networking. It is a three-piece router system, with one component connected directly to a home’s main modem. The system’s two other parts are then positioned elsewhere around a property. The result? Reliable, whole-home wireless internet connectivity.
At $299, Google Wifi has never been an inexpensive proposition. Yet, despite its high price, it quickly earned a place among the year’s most highly recommended routers. CNET, for example, called it the best way to extend fast internet to every corner of a home.
Customers can purchase additional individual Google Wifi devices at $129. These help to spread coverage across larger properties.

What Is Nest Wifi?

With Google Wifi attracting rave reviews almost across the board, the company then sought to introduce what many might’ve expected to be called Google Wifi 2. However, as the end of 2019 rolled around, they instead unveiled Nest Wifi.
Nest Wifi is essentially a Google Wifi follow-up and improves upon its predecessor in numerous areas. For example, the Nest-branded system’s secondary components double as smart speakers. Google also introduced various color options, including blue and coral, instead of the original system’s exclusively white finish.
Like its predecessor, Nest Wifi came to market as a three-part system, priced at $299. Yet, while Google Wifi’s three components have always been identical and interchangeable, Nest Wifi instead includes a main router and two smaller devices — called points — for positioning around a home. Again, these cost $129 apiece.

Revised Google Wifi and Nest Wifi Pricing

Recently, Google has updated its prices. With that, a Google Wifi 3-Pack, as it’s now known, costs just $199.99. Meanwhile, a single device intended as either a standalone router or used to add to a wider network will set you back $99.99.
On the other hand, Nest Wifi has gone up in price, with the three-part system now priced at $349. Also available to purchase as individual components, the main router costs $169, while each additional point costs $149.

Which Is Better, Google Wifi or Nest Wifi?

While the two mesh routers ultimately fulfill the same core purpose, the newer Nest Wifi is undoubtedly a marked improvement over Google Wifi. For example, Nest Wifi receives better so-called AC specs, more antennas, and more RAM than Google Wifi. As a result, it boasts a better overall range, higher security standards, and a greater maximum wireless transfer speed.
That’s in addition to Nest Wifi’s individual points’ built-in smart speaker functionality, each with capacitive touch controls. Looks-wise, the Nest-branded system is perhaps slightly prettier as well, particularly in light of its various color options.
At the same time, Nest Wifi is now significantly more expensive than Google Wifi. So, it’s necessary to weigh up the pros and cons, one way or the other, before making a decision.

What Does Google Say?

Google promises dependable at-home internet coverage with either option, plus additional features with Nest Wifi. Faster and more intelligent, Nest Wifi is the speedier option, with the added benefit of built-in smart speakers. Where buyers are interested in a choice of colors, they can check out Nest Wifi rather than simply settling for the all-white Google Wifi.
Be that as it may, Google Wifi still represents an excellent way to bolster home internet coverage while maintaining a focus on value for money, according to the manufacturer. As such, the search engine giant continues to market Google Wifi as its most affordable way to get high-speed wireless internet throughout a property that simply works.
Customers will likely prefer the costlier Nest Wifi system when seeking maximum performance, range, and the latest technologies. Either way, both are available with free shipping, various finance choices, and optional professional installation when ordered directly from the Google Store for Google-made devices and accessories.

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