Guide to Understanding Google Fi: Is It Worth It?

Google Fi has been around in one form or another since 2015. Over five years on, what exactly is on offer, and is it worth it? Re-branded in 2018 after initially launching as Project Fi, the telecommunications service was originally only available for Google's Nexus 6 phablet, developed in partnership with Motorola. The following year, Google rolled it out to the owners of additional devices, including Google's Pixel smartphones.
Fast-forward another two years and, freshly re-branded, Google announced that its Fi telecoms solution would be available to an even wider audience still. This service expansion included, for example, much-anticipated support for Apple's iPhones, as well as a variety of other non-Google handsets and devices.
Yet, many people remain unfamiliar with the Google Fi offering. However, recent news of expanding 5G coverage and talk of various highly sought-after Google Pixel 6 deals have begun to pique the interest of smartphone owners and others across the board. But, of course, the question remains – is it worth it? Let’s take a closer look at precisely what's up for grabs.

What Is Google Fi?

Google Fi is the search engine giant and multinational technology company's telecommunications service that provides calls, SMS, and internet over Wi-Fi and a range of cellular networks. The service predominantly uses networks operated by T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.
What sets Google Fi apart from much of the competition, though, is that it automatically switches between networks. By doing so, Google promises users peak signal strength and speed as the service seamlessly transitions between encrypted Wi-Fi and cellular coverage as necessary.
Subscribers can also use the service to make calls and send messages via Google Hangouts on any computer, in addition to their phones and tablets. For the most part, Google designed Fi for families and other groups. Having three or more users on a plan brings down the cost for each individual significantly.

Is Google Fi Worth It?

Google Fi boasts many benefits in addition to those outlined above. For example, so-called bill protection, available on group plans, is great for families, preventing unnecessary, unwanted, or unanticipated spending. Elsewhere, the service's ever-growing range of packages is as flexible as possible, with no activation fees or contracts.
Where available, customers have access to super-fast 5G coverage by default. However, this works on a relatively small number of supported handsets. Other limitations are outlined in full in the brand's mobile broadband consumer disclosure.
Right now, prices start from as little as $16 per month, based on a flexible plan for five or more users. Monthly costs for individuals begin at $20. For this, Google Fi subscribers get unlimited calls and messages in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Customers can purchase data at $10 for every gigabyte used.
Those looking for more data can also upgrade to one of a choice of largely unrestricted plans. These plans are called Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. Prices start at $50 per month for an individual, but drop to $20 and $40 per person per month, respectively, when you have four or more people on your plan. Both of these plans are especially good for those who frequently travel, particularly overseas. There are special provisions for low-cost international data, calling, and messaging where Wi-Fi isn't available.
Whether Google Fi is worth it ultimately comes down to selecting the optimum package and comparing prices with alternative solutions supplied elsewhere. Google makes this easy with its interactive plan comparison tool, where potential new subscribers can explore a plethora of options available to them and their families.

Switch to Google Fi

For regular travelers and families, in particular, switching to Google Fi could result in significant cost savings each month. Thankfully, signing up is straightforward.
Most Android handsets and iPhones now work with Fi. And moving from another carrier is a breeze, done strictly online and with no need to visit a store. Moreover, once subscribed, it's possible to freely switch plans, add or remove users, pause an agreement, and even cancel entirely with no hidden fees.

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