Why Your Home Security Camera Needs a Warranty

Home security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, despite their differences, most have one thing in common: their warranties. From new, the majority come with just 12 months of limited coverage. It’s something that’s true of many pieces of tech, including smartphones and laptops. The same also applies to major appliances like refrigerators and freezers.
However, while extended smartphone warranties and supplementary coverage for appliances are common, policies for home security cameras are less so. It’s an important distinction, not least because protection for such equipment should, in many cases, be deemed vital.
In fact, there are various reasons why you should get a home security camera extended warranty, starting with cost.

Cost Considerations

Home security cameras and the necessary equipment range in price from under $100 to $2,000-$3,000 or more. Right now, the average cost of setting up a system is around $1,300. Accordingly, security camera setups can easily represent among the most costly pieces of tech in any home.
Many people wouldn’t hesitate to take out an extended warranty for a $1,300 television. Now especially, they’re largely deemed a must-have. Arguably, the same thought process should apply to any expensive piece or pieces of technology. That’s true of everything from televisions and smartphones to high-tech fitness equipment.
At the same time, you should warranty a home security camera system. Costly to purchase and fix if anything goes wrong, the importance of an extended warranty is only amplified further when it comes to a variety of secondary factors. These include installation complications and peace of mind.

Installation Complications

All home security cameras require at least a degree of installation. That’s true of everything from simple doorbell cameras to whole-house systems. Once installed, they’re often an integral part of any home.
However, if problems arise with even a single component, the whole system can stop functioning as a result. It’s then a case of diagnosing the fault and repairing or replacing one or more pieces of equipment. It’s something that can prove immensely costly unless there’s a degree of protection in place.
An extended home security warranty offers precisely this sort of protection. With Upsie, for example, customers are safeguarded against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. Should any issues arise, customers can call the 24/7 claims line for a prompt repair or replacement with no deductible or services fees.

Security Isn’t Optional

While much of today’s tech is important to day-to-day life, few devices or pieces of equipment play a role as critical as a home’s camera system. Often tied into alarms and other security provisions, if something goes wrong, there’s a very real risk of serious repercussions.
From the threat of theft or intrusion to worries surrounding general safety, home security isn’t optional. As such, getting things back up and running following a fault or failure is crucial. Unfortunately, doing so can be wildly expensive and immensely time-consuming.
However, much of this can be mitigated by insuring against such eventualities with an appropriate extended warranty. Quite aside from cost considerations and implications tied to installation, an extended warranty for any necessary equipment can quickly prove vital as a part of broader security precautions.
That’s demonstrated perfectly by Upsie’s extended home security warranties. Should problems arise, Upsie’s team is on hand around the clock to start the claims process and schedule any necessary repairs. Upsie works with an extensive network of certified local repair shops, so repairs are performed quickly and expertly.

Peace of Mind

Further to all of the above, and particularly with crime on the increase, simple peace of mind alone is often worth much more than the cost of the insurance afforded by an extended warranty. With Upsie, security camera warranty policy prices start at $10.99 for three years of comprehensive coverage.
Superior coverage at a lower cost, Upsie cuts out any unnecessary middlemen and passes on the savings to consumers. As a result, peace of mind is affordable courtesy of various policies designed especially for doorbell cameras, security systems, and smart home tech (that includes everything from smart locks to lighting and thermostats).
Every Upsie policy is low-cost, comprehensive, and easy for customers to understand. Upsie gives you access to fast, free repairs or replacements with no service fees and a $0 deductible. Find out more at Upsie.com or download the Upsie smartphone app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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