Small Home Upgrades That Transform the Feel of Your House

If you’ve lived in a home for more than a few years, you’ve likely dreamt of making renovations. But not every change needs to be large and expensive. There are plenty of smaller home upgrades you can make that will equate to big changes to the feel of your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Upgrade your TV

That small, old TV in the corner ages your home. These days, good-quality TVs are really affordable. And they tend to go on sale frequently on holidays like Labor Day and sale days like Cyber Monday. Plus, your guests will love watching TV or movies on a larger screen.

Get a TV Warranty

New TV’s cost less than they used to, but a warranty is still an important addition to make sure that your TV lasts. After all, the manufacturer warranty that comes with the TV is limited in time and scope, usually to one year. Upsie warranties begin immediately and offer additional protection from burn-in. Check out these benefits of buying a TV warranty and learn why Upsie is the best option to protect your TV.

Give your home a fresh coat of paint

One of the most popular home upgrades is painting. Perhaps your home is stuck in the bright colors of the 80’s, or maybe your walls have taken years of abuse from children. Grey walls have been very trendy over the last few years, and still are. But more people are introducing earth tones and pops of color into their homes again. Check out these great interior paint colors to get started on transforming your house.
If you like your wall color, consider painting or replacing your trim. It’s amazing how painting dark, outdated trim a lighter color can brighten up your home. Alternately, if everything is white in your home, a dark trim will add beautiful contrast. And painting trim really isn’t too difficult; take it from someone who has done it (me)!

Hang up new pictures or a piece of art

Painting is great, but a quicker, easier upgrade is to replace pictures or add art to the walls. Photography has come a long way in the last twenty years. Remember when dates appeared at the bottom of your pictures? If those pictures are still on the wall, it’s time for a refresh. Consider doing black and white photos to contrast a bright wall, or have your photographer do a unique edit that you like. Additionally, have you ever watched HGTV? It’s no coincidence that they all add beautiful art to a home they are fixing up. Art can pull an entire room together and add a level of sophistication that most photos cannot.

Invest in a new home appliance

Many people replace their appliances slowly, as they die. This is great because it’s helpful to the environment to not replace appliances when they still work. However, if you have one black appliance left when the rest are stainless steel, it might look a little funny. Take the plunge and replace that appliance with a shiny new model.
You can sell the old appliance on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace; there is almost always someone looking for an appliance to replace theirs that no longer functions. And, if you have an Upsie warranty on your old appliance, you can transfer it to the new owner. Make sure to get an Upsie appliance warranty on your new appliance, as well. Upsie’s plans cost less than the ones offered at the store without compromising coverage.

Replace or paint outdated bathroom flooring

Do you scrub and scrub your bathroom tile and it never quite looks clean? Or do you have linoleum that has turned more yellow than tan over the years? Floor and Decor and Home Depot have a ton of great options if you are ready to finally replace your bathroom flooring.
If you’re not ready to replace the floor, consider re-doing your grout, painting the floor, or both. They are inexpensive alternatives to replacing the floor and, when done correctly, can last you for years. Just be ready to stay out of your bathroom for a while while the paint dries.

Get a new fitness machine

With many gyms still closed or restricted, and winter creeping closer by the day, investing in a fitness machine makes sense. Treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, spinning bikes… the options are endless. You’ll love heading into the other room to get a quick workout in without having to ever leave the house. Add a mat for stretching, put an inspirational quote on the wall and you’ll have your own workout room.

Protect your fitness machine with a warranty

If the maintenance is keeping you from pulling the trigger on a fitness machine, don’t worry! You can get an Upsie warranty on your new cardio equipment up to 11 months after purchasing the machine. So, if something goes wrong, simply make a claim with Upsie 24/7/365 and they will quickly schedule a certified repair technician to go to your home and repair your machine.

Upgrade your shovel to a snowblower

It’s not exactly an in-home upgrade, but an exterior upgrade is a snowblower. You will save so much time and energy not having to shovel that you will have more time inside with your family. Often, leftover inventory goes on sale in the springtime, too! There are different types of snowblowers, so make sure that you purchase the best one for your home. And don’t forget to get an Upsie snowblower warranty so your new equipment runs smoothly for many snowy seasons.
Best of luck in making your home upgrades. No matter what change you decide to make, you will certainly love the results of your home renovation.

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