A Look at Exciting New Tech in the Pipeline for 2022

In 2021, consumer electronics manufacturers released exciting new versions of many products. However, many of these releases offered delayed upgrades since the pandemic slowed production and supply down so much.
For instance, Apple improved its smartwatches, phones, and PCs dramatically. This market leader introduced more powerful processors, better graphics, and longer-lasting batteries. Still, they did not promote new types of products or disruptive enhancements as much as they perfected the tech that their customers already used.
On the other hand, 2022 brings a new opportunity for companies to release new tech that changes the market. This article dives into the most exciting new tech you can have in your home.

What's New and Exciting for Consumer Tech in 2022?

Leading electronics manufacturers never stopped working on innovations. Look ahead to see examples of innovative tech on the horizon.

More Compatible No-Touch Smart Home Appliances

Imagine a dishwasher or clothes dryer with absolutely no buttons. According to CNET, Samsung announced plans to adopt a standard for home IoT appliances and electronics called Matter. Adhering to this standard makes it easier to connect to these devices through various phones and smart speakers.
Besides Samsung, other large tech companies such as Google and Amazon have announced plans to develop this new standard in 2022. In the future, this should make products from various manufacturers compatible with each other. For instance, users can control Google Nest thermostats with Apple iPhones or Amazon Echo Dots.
Adhering to the Matter standard means future consumers can purchase connected electronics without worrying about which phone, smart speaker, or smart display they own. Today, careful consumers need to ensure that any new appliances or electronics they plan to buy will work with their current devices.

Less 3G and More 5G Connectivity

Many existing devices rely on 3G. For example, many "unlimited" data plans still limit higher bandwidths, and after the user exceeded their plan limits, 3G stepped in to fulfill the unlimited promise. However, according to an NBC affiliate, the largest carriers plan to shut off 3G during 2022.
Even though AT&T said shutting off 3G in February of 2022 will only impact three percent of their customers, that still accounts for quite a few people who use older devices. Some older devices may not work, while others won't offer a 3G backup. That means anybody who still relies on an older smartphone, tablet, or carrier-connected device that uses 3G needs to upgrade their device.
Meanwhile, look for new and expanding 5G networks. According to Computer World, the number of 5G devices in the hands of consumers may limit the rollout more than anything else next year.
Pandemic-related chip shortages may offer the most significant obstacle towards more widespread coverage by the latest phone carrier connectivity standard. They predict that reduced shipments will result in missing previous forecasts by over 100 million devices.

Is 2022 the Year for a New Smartphone?

Smartphone apps offer the most common way to control increasingly popular smart home devices. In turn, connected homes put more demands on connectivity requirements. Additional apps also require more processing power and storage.
In addition, major networks plan to shut down 3G networks so that they can invest more in 5G during 2022. Therefore, smartphone users with older devices should probably consider upgrading to enjoy a good experience.

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