What to Know About the Latest Ring System

Ring’s latest security system, Alarm Pro, has now been around for a few months. So, how’s it shaping up? At its launch, the Alarm Pro system from Ring received positive feedback across the board. Reviewers called it the best security system of 2021 and a home run for budget-friendly home security.
Of course, all of that’s great, but there’s no substitute for hands-on experience, especially in the longer term. Thankfully, there’s little reason to worry either way. That’s because the Ring Alarm Pro has also stood up exceptionally well to use by customers. Buyers further praise its ease of installation and user-friendly interface.

Six Things to Know About Alarm Pro From Ring

The $249.99 Alarm Pro is Amazon-owned Ring’s latest addition to its ever-growing range of video doorbells, cameras, outdoor lighting, and accessories – including a best-selling $50 solar security sign. However, unlike the doorbells and cameras that the manufacturer is best known for, the Alarm Pro packs in numerous additional features and benefits.
These include next-level peace of mind, third-party accessory integration, and the Ring Alarm Pro’s dual role as a security system and powerful mesh router in one.

#1. Ring Alarm Pro Offers Next-Level Peace of Mind

Building upon the success of the existing Ring Alarm, the Alarm Pro provides an added level of peace of mind not found in other similar products. This is thanks in no small part to the Alarm Pro’s ability to monitor a home’s internet network.
The device does so by integrating a backup internet solution – something covered as a part of a monthly subscription package. The Ring Alarm Pro also serves to store all-important video recordings locally rather than solely in the cloud.

#2. Ring Alarm Pro Is Also a Powerful Mesh Router

The Ring Alarm Pro also incorporates a powerful mesh router from fellow Amazon-owned brand Eero. Mesh routers, like those sold by Eero and products including Google Wifi and Nest Wifi, help spread reliable, high-speed internet throughout an entire home.
The Eero-branded mesh router built into the Ring Alarm Pro is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6-capable model that simultaneously offers 2.5GHz and 5GHz connections. Accordingly, it’s almost certain to be an improvement over Ring Alarm Pro buyers’ existing routers, including those provided by even the largest cable companies.

#3. Setting up Ring Alarm Pro Is Easy

Traditional home security systems have often required time-consuming and thus costly professional installation. Ring Alarm Pro bucks this trend, being both easy and straightforward to set up. The team at CNN Underscored even had the Ring Alarm Pro up and running in barely ten minutes when they first reviewed the system.

#4. Ring Alarm Pro Is Increasingly Affordable

Quite aside from costly installation, traditional home security systems have always been a fundamentally expensive proposition. For most homes, HomeAdvisor puts the cost of a typical system at around $700 on average. However, it’s just as easy to spend $1,000 or more, according to the digital marketplace’s experts.
By contrast, the newly introduced eight-piece Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit costs just $299.99. The sub-$300 kit includes everything from the necessary Alarm Pro base station and keypad to four individual sensors, a range extender, and more. Buyers can also upgrade to the 14-piece Alarm Pro Security Kit for just $80 more.

#5. Ring Alarm Pro Warranties Are Available From Upsie

An extended warranty for any home security system is always a good idea, and Ring’s Alarm Pro is no exception. Upsie is proud to offer a range of smart home tech warranty solutions, all at up to 70 percent less than the cost of coverage sold elsewhere, ideal for Ring Alarm Pro owners.
Upsie’s savings are made possible thanks to a tireless commitment to cutting out unnecessary middlemen. With that, Ring Alarm Pro warranty coverage with Upsie is both affordable and comprehensive, extending to protection against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and all manner of other failures.

#6. Ring Alarm Pro Works With Third-Party Accessories

One of the biggest selling points of Ring’s latest system is its compatibility with a plethora of third-party gadgets. Examples include smart thermostats, door locks, and smoke alarms. All of these are things that many homeowners may have invested in already.
Rather than having to replace these with Ring-branded solutions, it’s possible to seamlessly integrate products from the likes of Yale, Schlage, Chamberlain, and Honeywell Home directly into the cutting-edge Alarm Pro system.
Such products range from Yale’s Real Living Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave Plus and the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt to the Chamberlain Smart Garage Control and Honeywell Home’s best-selling T5 Smart Thermostat.

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