Reviewing the Dyson Airwrap: Is It Worth the High Price?

Hairstyling tools can be surprisingly intimidating at first glance. Such is the case for the Dyson Airwrap, which promises users endless opportunities to style their hair as they see fit — assuming they’re able to navigate this device and all its attachments.
The learning curve may seem steep, but this is by no means the only obstacle getting in the way: the Dyson Airwrap also retails for nearly $600. For such a high price, it’s fair to expect great things from this multipurpose styling tool. Not sure whether it’s worth the investment? Keep reading to find out.

The Basics of the Dyson Airwrap

When most people think of Dyson, they picture reasonably affordable yet effective vacuum cleaners. Dyson is also known for calling on cutting-edge technology to produce impressive results.
Recently, the company has entered the hairstyling space. The fun began with the Supersonic, which, like the Airwrap, originally shocked consumers with its hefty price tag. Equipped with intelligent heat control, this device was meant to dry hair quickly without damaging it. Over time, the Supersonic scored a variety of loyal fans, many of whom were eager to score the Airwrap.
The Airwrap moves away from drying and firmly into the styling category. The multipurpose tool comes with an array of attachments, including four curling barrels. Two of the curling barrels span 1.2 inches, while the others reach 1.6 inches each. Depending on personal preference, the various barrels can be used to achieve both tight and loose curls. These attachment categories each include one barrel specifically intended for the right side and another for the left.
To achieve a smooth look, users can call on various brush attachments, such as a round brush and smoothing brushes with both soft and firm attachments. A pre-styling dryer attachment should look familiar to committed Supersonic users. An eight-foot cord makes it possible to use all these attachments without hovering too close to the mirror.

How the Dyson Airwrap Works

Dyson doesn’t provide a lot of instructions, so it’s up to users to learn how to use the Airwrap on their own. A little trial and error should do the trick, but it’s generally best to experiment before using this tool for an important occasion.
When playing with the device, it should quickly be evident that burned fingers are a thing of the past. The Airwrap doesn’t rely on extreme heat. Instead, it uses an impressive airflow while grabbing the hair and wrapping it around the barrel.
Another bonus? Gone are the days of drying hair 100 percent before styling it. In fact, the Airwrap is actually more effective on slightly damp hair. This makes it a time-efficient tool, as the included drying attachment can quickly get hair from soaking to damp.
If there’s a downside, it’s that the Airwrap’s trademark heat avoidance limits how long styles can last. Curls that begin tight may turn into loose beach waves within a few short hours. This can be frustrating when preparing to dance all night at a wedding or spend all day turning heads in the office. Certain products such as hairspray may help styles hold their shape, but these will only work for so long.

Is It Worth It?

There’s a lot to love about the Dyson Airwrap, but the exorbitant price makes it a risky purchase. As such, the answer to the important question “Is it worth it?” remains a frustratingly uncommitted “maybe.”
For those who spend far too long styling their hair each day with traditional tools, the Dyson Airwrap may cut out a few steps to prove the adage “time is money.” Those who are prone to heat damage may also benefit from the Airwrap’s unique approach, which limits the need for excessive, hair-frying heat.
For everyone else, the Airwrap definitely belongs in the splurge category. It’s a versatile tool that works great for many textures and styles, but it doesn’t always provide the hold that users desire. Given the price tag, this downside is unacceptable. Think carefully before investing in it — and be sure to get an extended warranty to protect that investment.

Upsie Extended Warranties: Protection for Hairstyling Products

While a variety of warranty options are available for styling tools like the Dyson Airwrap, Upsie provides the most affordable and convenient option. Upsie’s warranties cover power and battery failures, button malfunctions, and mechanical failures. In addition, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than competitors.
Customers can also make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device without a deductible. An Upsie extended warranty remains the best option to protect your Dyson Airwrap.

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