Technology to Help Older Adults Live More Independently

Today’s older adults want to stay healthy and independent as long as possible without worrying about their adult children. Fortunately, many readily available technologies help make it possible for aging individuals to live autonomously while giving their children peace of mind.
According to CNBC, fitness technology industry experts share that more adults than ever are active and intend to stay that way. Seniors and their loved ones seek technology that helps support sports and fitness pursuits, which makes it even easier to maintain good health and enjoy life. Top fitness technologies include those that support smart living, good health, remote care, and wellness and fitness technologies.
Unfortunately, many of the available technologies are high-tech and expensive. Remember to invest in an affordable Upsie extended warranty to make sure everything is working well at all times to ensure older adults’ safety.

3 Technologies to Help Aging Adults Stay Healthy and Enjoy Life to the Fullest

The wonders of today’s rapidly evolving technology never cease. Our computers and smartphones help in our daily lives in work, personal tasks and enjoyment. And the technology industry didn’t forget about aging adults who want to stay happy and independent.
Here are three technologies to consider to help older adults live a higher quality life.

1. Smart Speakers

Today’s speakers don’t just transmit audio for you to listen to and enjoy. You can control them with voice commands (more commonly known as voice command devices). Since they are integrated with a virtual assistant, you can enjoy hands-free activation when speaking what is called a “hot word” that triggers the device to listen to your commands and comply. Some models act as a smart device through wireless or Bluetooth connection. Additionally, you can set up your smart speakers to call your children, spouse, physician or emergency numbers without needing access to a phone nearby. In 2018, Tech Crunch reported that 39 million Americans owned a smart speaker.
Upsie smart speaker extended warranties protect against drops, spills, cracks and any manufacturing defects that may arise for up to 3 years.

2. Smartwatches

S have become increasingly popular with older adults and healthcare experts trying to keep seniors healthy and safe. Sometimes called fitness trackers, most of today’s models do more than track and push you to reach at least 10,000 per day. According to Consumer Reports, smartwatches take the concept and capabilities of fitness trackers to stunning new levels. Also known as wearables, smartwatches perform essential functions that include monitoring your pace and heart rate. They also provide alerts for new texts, emails and voicemails. Taking it several steps further, some smartwatches can make payments at the cash register.
Here are a few benefits smartwatches offer aging adults:
  • Health monitoring and communicating with healthcare professionals
  • Making quick calls for help or information to adult children or physicians
  • Tracking health progress, especially after an illness or injury
Smartwatches you might consider include the Apple Smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, Fitbit and Garmin. All of these brands and many others are well worth protecting with an Upsie smartwatch warranty.

3. Tablet Computers

Tablet computers offer you new ways to do research on medications, physicians and new fitness regimens to try out. They also offer you an opportunity to stay socially active, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic when you might feel isolated. You can check your Facebook account or start a video chat session with your grandchildren to feel more attuned to everyone’s lives and avoid feeling lonely. Research the many available brands and models of tablets from companies including Apple, Samsung and Google.
All Upsie tablet extended warranties include accident protection which cover spills, drops and cracked screens. They also cover any manufacturing defects for up to 3 years with an industry-leading low deductible.

Technology Can Help Older Adults Stay Healthy, Happy and Connected

All of these technologies can add value to your life, happiness and health. Whether you want to focus on fitness, recovery, staying social, or all of the above and more, there is technology to help you enjoy life as you get older.
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about how an Upsie warranty can keep you protected and running for years to come.

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