Six External Hard Drives That Make Storage Easier

Today’s most basic computing functions call for massive storage space. Add complexity, and this need increases big time. Thankfully, numerous options are available. Examples include paying to store files in the cloud or stocking up on cheap thumb drives. These are viable solutions, but another approach provides even more space at an excellent price: an external hard drive.
Buying an external hard drive may seem simple to the uninitiated, but there’s more variety within this category than most anticipate. We’ve compiled a list of six fantastic external hard drives that get the job done.

The Best for Gamers: WD Black 5TB Game Drive

Currently, the most storage space that can be obtained at a reasonable price is 5TB. Multiple brands offer drives with this level of storage, but Western Digital is worth exploring for trustworthiness alone. This respected company provides a wonderful option in the WD Black P10 Game Drive. This high-end device is ideal for console video game players looking to boost the available storage space for games and media clips. At $118, it’s a solid bargain.

The Most Durable: LaCie Rugged Mini 1TB Drive

Explorers, photographers, campers, and other adventurous types will love this drive. Protected by a sturdy rubber case, it can withstand small drops, shock, water, and debris. Password protection is built into the device — a nice feature that most drives at this price point don’t include. While this drive is available with many storage capacities, the 1TB version costs just $69.

The Best for Backing Up Files: Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Drive

Home office users who require solutions for saving important documents should look no further than this trusty Seagate model. This external drive is small, discreet, and plenty fast, thanks to the USB 3.0 connection. The only downside? The device is often difficult to find in stores and online. Even popular retailers such as Best Buy and Newegg struggle to keep it in stock due to its popularity. When it is available for purchase, this drive typically retails for around $145.

The Largest Capacity: WD easystore 14TB Drive

Gone are the days of setting up a rack of drives in a RAID configuration just to get massive amounts of storage. Western Digital has made it simple with the aptly named easystore external hard drives. The 14TB model can be found for about $250.
Though this may seem expensive to some, this device should offer enough space that users won’t need to upgrade or expand their storage needs for several years. While some users may want to invest in multiple drives in case one of them fails, Western Digital drives have an excellent track record of reliability. As such, this 14TB drive is easily the best long-term storage solution in this guide.

The Fastest: Sabrent Rocket 1TB Drive

Waiting for files to be written or copied can be a pain. This hassle can be greatly minimized with a lightning-quick solid-state drive. Fantastic 2700 MB/s transfer speeds involving Thunderbolt 3 give users a boost of productivity. Transfer speeds see a notable decline to 900 MB/s when connected via USB, but this is still very fast in its own right. These drives are clearly meant to be swift, so they naturally carry a hefty price tag; a 1TB model retails for $219.

The Best Bargain: Seagate Portable 2TB Drive

With over 188,000 reviews on Amazon, there’s no denying the popularity of this beloved Seagate drive. It’s a basic device, offering plug-and-play functionality using USB 3.0. Read and write speeds are serviceable, while the Seagate looks like a typical external hard drive. Yes, there’s a lot to be said for today’s flashiest drives, but bland is sometimes better. With a very reasonable $59 asking price, users will be more than willing to sacrifice style and features for raw storage space.

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