Three Reasons to Backup Laptop Data

Regularly choosing to backup your laptop may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s easy to forget how much precious data many of us keep on our laptops.
With that, maintaining a backup should be deemed an essential part of laptop ownership. Furthermore, it needn’t be an inconvenience, either—more on that in a moment. But first, a closer look at precisely why maintaining a backup is so important, starting with the first of three reasons to back up your laptop data.

Reason #1: The Risk of the Loss of Data

It’s all too easy to forget how much data a typical laptop stores. While copies of things like emails may exist elsewhere online, that’s by no means always the case. Downloaded attachments may have since been deleted from an email account’s online storage, for example. It’s something that’s especially pertinent when it comes to work-related messages.
Then there are photos and videos. While photos and videos from your smartphone may still exist on the device itself or be stored in the cloud, it’s never a good idea to simply assume that’s true. If the only copies do, in fact, exist solely on a laptop, and that data is lost, they’ll be gone forever.
And what about files like resumes, bank statements, tax records, and important legal documents? These, too, may exist on another device, in the cloud, or elsewhere. However, there’s always a chance that’s not the case. So, if a laptop breaks, is stolen, or otherwise needs to be reformatted without a backup in place, those files are all potentially lost indefinitely. The same also applies to music files and address book data.

Reason #2: It Makes Setting up a New Laptop a Piece of Cake

All laptops are prone to damage, hard drive failures, theft, and more. They also represent a device that’s often periodically upgraded. Keeping them backed up, then, is important for another reason. Not only does it prevent the potential loss of data, but it also makes setting up a new laptop a piece of cake.
Whatever the reason for needing to choose a new laptop and set it up, the process can be massively time-consuming. Yet, it becomes infinitely more straightforward by having a backup of an existing laptop ready to go. That way, you can restore files like saved MP3s, documents, photos, and videos to their rightful places.
At the same time, it’s also possible to back up things like email account data, fonts, and system settings. These are typically the things that make setting up a new laptop such a headache. However, with a backup in place that includes these all-important pieces of information, the process becomes more streamlined than ever.

Reason #3: It’s Easier to Backup a Laptop Than You Think

Of course, the process of routinely backing up a laptop may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience. Even having accounted for and appreciated the benefits, it can still feel like a headache-inducing prospect. And while once upon a time that may have been the case, today, backing up a laptop is quick and easy.
Whether backing up to a physical storage device or the cloud, data transfer and web uploads now happen at lightning speed. Furthermore, it’s also possible to automate various aspects of the process. Scheduled to occur as and when is appropriate, the same applies to both Windows laptops and Apple’s MacBooks.
Laptop owners can also easily take further precautions against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, drops, cracks, liquid spills, and countless other potential issues. It’s something that’s made possible with an extended laptop warranty from Upsie.

Protect Your Laptop With Upsie

Upsie’s extended laptop warranties offer insurance against any number of potential eventualities, including everything from faults and failures to accidental damage. When the worst happens, Upsie will take care of it. And with a laptop backup in place, a repaired or replaced device can be ready and running in no time.
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