The Ultimate Pool and Beach Packing List

Nothing helps beat the stifling summer heat like a pool or beach trip. With the help of waterproof technology, you can gather friends or family, play music, take pictures, or lounge and read a good book. Here is the ultimate pool and beach packing list, packed with waterproof tech to elevate your summer experience.

Waterproof Speakers

Music can liven up any event, especially a pool or beach day. Add a waterproof speaker to your pool packing list so you and your friends can enjoy your favorite artists while swimming and lounging in the pool. A waterproof speaker will withstand getting splashed while continuing to deliver quality audio.
The JBL Charge 5 and Sonos Roam are two of the best waterproof speakers. The JBL Charge 5 costs $179.95 and will play your favorite music all day with 20 hours of battery life. It is waterproof and dustproof to withstand the elements and even has a built-in power bank to keep your phone charged while you’re out. One popular feature is that it can sync with other JBL PartyBoost Compatible speakers to bring a stereo listening experience.
The Sonos Roam is priced similarly at $179.00 and has a bass-driven sound. In addition, it has 10-hour battery life, can sync to other Sonos speakers, and adapts to your surroundings to bring you the best audio no matter where you are.


Nothing beats reading a good book while lying on the pool or beach. The Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Glowlight 4 are popular eReaders with screens that look like a physical book page, meaning you can see even in direct sun.
The Kindle Paperwhite has a larger screen and longer battery life than its Nook competitor. The 8GB version costs $139.99 with ads or $159.99 without, and $189.99 for 32GB of storage with no ads. It is also water-resistant. The Nook Glowlight 4 costs $149.99 and has 32GB. Though it also offers glare-free reading, it is not waterproof.

Waterproof Camera

A waterproof camera is a great way to capture pool or beachside memories and can even take priceless underwater pictures. So if you love snapping photos, a waterproof camera should be part of your beach or pool packing list.
GoPros are extremely popular waterproof cameras, and the Hero 10 model is a truly fantastic camera for $549.98. It takes 23-megapixel pictures, records in 4k, and is waterproof up to 33-feet. For those looking for a quality, mid-range waterproof camera, the Ricoh WG-70 is a great option. It’s waterproof down to 45 feet and shockproof up to 6-feet. It costs $279.95 and takes 16-megapixel pictures.

Portable Charger

If you’re spending the day at the pool or beach, you’ll want to ensure your phone stays charged. So it’s a good idea to add a portable power bank to your pool and beach packing list to keep your devices charged. The INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger only costs $19.99 on Amazon and has three ports, two USB and one USB-C, meaning it can charge three devices simultaneously.
Another option is to get a solar charger that uses energy from the sun to keep your devices on. The Oukafen Solar Charger costs $35.99 and is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof, so it won’t malfunction if it gets wet by the poolside. It can charge two phones and has an LED battery level indicator, so you know how much charge it has left.

Waterproof Smartwatch

Smartwatches are a great way to stay connected and track fitness activity. Having a waterproof watch means you can wear it anywhere without fear of it getting damaged. For example, the Garmin Forerunner 945 is a great option for avid swimmers since it can withstand a decent amount of water pressure. It costs $599.99 and offers a 10-hour battery.
The latest Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the first dustproof and waterproof Apple Watches, making it safe to wear and swim. Many iPhone owners prefer these watches since they sync to the iPhone. The Series 7 watch starts at $399.

The Best Extended Warranty

When you purchase a new waterproof speaker or a smartwatch to add to your beach and pool packing, you should protect it with an extended warranty from Upsie. With Upsie, customers get affordable and comprehensive extended warranty plans. Upsie also has warranty plans for most devices, from smartwatches to tablets to lawn mowers.
When customers choose Upsie, they save up to 70% on the cost of coverage when compared to prices from retailers or manufacturers. Upsie also offers Smartphone Subscription Warranties that cost just $9.99 per month and include comprehensive protection.
So if you purchase a new device this summer, visit to see how they can save you money while protecting your tech.

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