4 Family Photography Tips For Natural Family Photos

After finally getting the family together for a party, trip, or picnic, don’t forget to capture the memories. After all, everyone will want some photos for their scrapbooks and social media pages. Here are four family photography tips to help photographers improve their skills and capture the perfect shots.

1. Try Active Posing

One of the best family photography tips is to be active. Standing still for a pose makes many adults feel awkward and kids impatient. The photography professionals at ShootProof suggested gathering the group for a slow stroll instead. Walking makes self-conscious people feel less anxious, and it keeps impatient people occupied.
The photograph will also look like it represents a more natural activity for an outdoor venue, but it can work indoors too. ShootProof also suggested jumping and letting the kids run or skip ahead.

2. Consider Seated Poses

For some families, a seated pose might offer a more inclusive opportunity to take photos of family members of various ages and abilities. Again, scout around for the best background and get the group to interact with each other in front of the camera. Some helpful props might include camp chairs, a picnic lunch, or a colorful blanket or towel. You can also invite pets to the party.

3. Use a Tripod

Tripods stabilize the camera to reduce the chance of taking blurry shots. In addition, photographers will definitely need to mount their cameras when taking photos in less-than-ideal lighting or when setting a timer so the photographer can join the photo.
CNET suggested considering a lightweight travel tripod that can fit in a backpack. As an example, consider a foldable tripod, like Peak Designs Travel Tripod. Upsie also offered some tripod shopping tips in an earlier blog post.

4. Consider Lighting

Daytime photos outside will benefit from natural light, but shady areas may produce a better lighting quality than direct sunlight. In relatively dark areas at night or inside, photos can benefit from photography lights. Most importantly, the light needs to shine on the subjects’ faces. Most professionals suggest positioning the family, so the light strikes them at about a 35-degree angle.
Note: the subjects don’t need to stare directly into the sun, but they should face the light, even if it’s at an angle.

Keep Photography Equipment in Great Shape Too

An investment in a high-quality camera will help ensure better photos and a chance to improve photography skills. Eventually, even most serious amateur photographers add various accessories, like tripods and lighting, to their photography kits. At the same time, budding photographers can compare plenty of easy-to-use travel, autofocus, and single-lens cameras with compact designs and affordable prices.
Photographers should pair their photography equipment with an Upsie camera and accessories warranty to protect their equipment and ensure years of hassle-free use.
Upsie offers two and three years of affordable protection against accidents, defects, and wear. Enjoy access to 24-7 claims by phone and a choice between mail-in and local repairs.
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