Is Camera Insurance Needed for DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras?

Are DSLR or mirrorless cameras better for serious photography? Professional and serious amateur photographers still debate over the merits of DSLR vs. mirrorless cameras. As with most electronics, the best choice may depend upon budgets, personal preferences and intended uses.
Some considerations include:
  • Mirrorless cameras have slim bodies, quiet and speedy shutters, and simple mechanics.
  • At the same time, many photographers still like the larger size of DSLR cameras because they find them easier to grip.
  • The optical viewfinders on DSLR cameras still surpass even top electronic viewfinders, though electronic viewfinders might catch up soon.
Comparing the top models of either type of camera makes selecting the best one a hard choice, according to Digital Camera World. They suggest considering a cheaper DSLR as an affordable gateway to serious photography. Some budding photographers might find this review of good starter cameras helpful.
For top-line models, the choice gets tougher. Certainly, mirrorless cameras can do amazing things and will probably gain more popularity in a few years. Still, DSLR cameras are always evolving and continue to have some advantages, so they’re not likely to vanish from the market.

Do Digital Cameras Commonly Need Repairs?

Today’s best manufacturers produce durable, high-quality products. However, these sensitive devices get packed, carried, and handled a lot. That alone makes them vulnerable to certain common issues that require professional repair services.
According to one image recovery service called Rescue Digital Media, common reasons for repairs include problems with shutters, batteries, SD cards, lenses, software and exposure to moisture. Sometimes, the repairs may approach or even exceed the original price of the camera or accessory. However, a good warranty, or camera insurance, can eliminate many concerns over high, unanticipated repair bills.

Why Consider Camera Insurance or Extended Warranties for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

New and even many used cameras do come with a limited warranty. Mostly, these kinds of initial warranties protect buyers against defects in the product that are discovered shortly after the time of sale. They’re not meant to cover such common issues as cracked lenses, power shorts, or exposure to moisture.
Since the best digital cameras cost several hundred to thousands of dollars, most buyers will want to protect their investment against accidents, early wear, and even defects that show up after the limited warranty term ends. That’s why photographers consider buying extended warranties for DSLR, mirrorless, and camera accessories like lenses.

What’s the Best Mirrorless and DSLR Camera Extended Warranty?

For cameras and accessories bought within the last 60 days, Upsie offers affordable and robust protection plans. Just a few benefits of an Upsie camera extended warranty include:
  • A choice of two or three years of coverage, including accident protection
  • A choice between mail-in and local repairs from certified camera repair technicians
  • Live customer claims service 24-7 by phone
  • Replacement cameras when repairs don’t make sense because of cost
  • Protection against cracked or non functioning lenses and screens, liquid damage, mechanical failures, power problems, and much more
Instead of paying hundreds for this great service and protection, Upsie customers will pay up to 70 percent less than they would with other popular warranty companies. That’s particularly true of the warranties that get pushed at the sales counter. Lower rates and robust protection against unexpected repair bills will allow photographers to spend more on new gear and less on fixing it. In that way, protecting cameras with Upsie is a smart, frugal choice.

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