Is a GoPro Subscription Worth the Money?

Is it worth the money to buy a GoPro subscription? Subscriptions have grown pervasive for streaming TV, security cameras, fitness equipment, and software. Now, consumers who decide to buy a new GoPro will need to determine if they should purchase a GoPro subscription first.
Some camera buyers might feel annoyed at needing another subscription, but GoPro packs their offer with value. Find out why most people will probably buy the subscription, at least for their first year.

What Does a GoPro Subscription Offer?

GoPro says it will charge $49 per year for the subscription. The company doesn’t let customers pay monthly at this time. Consumers can purchase a stand-alone subscription or they can add it on at the time of purchasing the camera.
Buying the subscription will offer immediate discounts on the purchase, so it will probably strike many buyers as a no-brainer purchase. For instance:
  • Buyers can automatically save $100 on a GoPro or even more on the new Creator Bundle.
  • Enrollment also offers deep discounts on accessories from GoPro’s store, unlimited cloud storage, and additional editing tools in the app.
  • Members can also take advantage of GoPro’s live streaming service and the opportunity to exchange their camera with a no-questions-asked policy up to twice a year.
GoPro also makes the subscription attractive for people buying cameras as gifts. The gift givers can save money on their purchase and quickly transfer the subscription’s benefits to a new owner.

Is a GoPro Subscription Worth the Money?

The subscription offers unquestionable good value for people who want to purchase a new camera. It gives gift givers a chance to save money on the initial purchase and deliver a more valuable present, too. Spending $49 on the subscription provides an immediate opportunity to save $100 on a new camera or about twice that much on the camera with its accessories bundle.
Adding another subscription to the mix might be inconvenient. Still, GoPro offers lots of value to entice their customers to register. In the end, GoPro benefits by maximizing customer loyalty.
Overall, the subscription plan looks like good marketing and good value. At least GoPro buyers should enroll for the first year to enjoy immediate savings. After the first year, members can evaluate the decision to keep subscribing. According to TechRadar, the company allows members to cancel before the yearly renewal period ends.

Does a GoPro Camera Need an Extended Warranty?

GoPro makes purchasing their subscription attractive by offering plenty of value. In turn, members with a subscription will have an incentive to purchase more accessories or cameras from the company. On top of that, Upsie offers affordable, convenient extended warranties for GoPro cameras and camera accessories.
This protection costs very little and offers Upsie customers benefits including:
  • Local and mail-in repairs from certified technicians
  • 24-7 access to live claims representatives
  • Protection against common sources of damage including wear, accidents, and defects
  • Prices up to 70 percent less than warranty competitors
  • Eligible up to 60 days after purchase to get a warranty
For a low price, Upsie customers can enjoy peace of mind from having protection against unexpected bills to repair or replace an expensive camera or lens. In addition to GoPro, Upsie also protects other camera brands and many kinds of electronic devices. Purchasing a GoPro camera, a subscription, and an Upsie extended warranty will give consumers everything they need for producing great videos.

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