Nikon Macro Lenses: Nikkor Z MC 105mm and 50mm Lenses

For over a century, Nikon has been a trusted name among photography professionals and novices alike. The brand’s high-quality lenses and cameras are adored by all types of photographers, who eagerly await every new release. It should come as no surprise, then, that enthusiasts are excited about the latest and greatest from the NIKKOR Z lens lineup.
With multiple options available, the question is not whether to invest in NIKKOR Z lenses, but rather, which ones to get. We offer insight below by detailing all the best aspects of the new 105 and 50mm Nikon Macro lenses.

NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S

While the name may be a mouthful, the newest 105mm lens in the NIKKOR Z lineup fittingly enough produces jaw-dropping photos. It’s the first lens with a 1:1 reproduction ratio, so you can capture subjects exactly as they exist in the real-world. This also allows you to give yourself a little distance between yourself and the subject — perfect for a variety of situations. For example, you can capture shots of animals who may otherwise be easily frightened if you come too close.
The auto-focus features on the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm are impressive. Perhaps most exciting? The ability to get less than a foot away (0.96 feet to be exact) from your subject while still maintaining full auto-focus performance.
Also noteworthy is a multi-focus system that utilizes some serious technology. It allows for smooth transitions from objects in close range and those far away. Algorithms spring into action whenever a slight change in distance is detected, ensuring each shot is unique in its own way.
Visual effects are on full display when snapping shots with the 105mm NIKKOR Z MC. Nikon is promising an end to “onion ring” background blurring that is annoyingly present in some photos. They have also focused on maximizing backlit photography by minimizing glare, thanks to the anti-reflective coatings featured on the lens itself.
At $999.95, the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S is definitely an enthusiast product. It should appeal most to niche photographers, such as professionals looking to capture stunning wedding photos or dramatic sports images. That being said, a hobby or novice photographer should have no problem using it, either.

NIKKOR Z MC 50mm f/2.8

The best photo opportunities are often spontaneous. When these moments happen, it’s best to have a lens available that can capture a specific point in time. That’s exactly what Nikon sets out to provide with the NIKKOR Z MC 50mm.
With the ability to get as close as 0.16m, this 50mm lens will bring out details in objects that you never knew existed. It’s useful for capturing the texture of a flower, the vibrant color of the sky, or the light beaming through the trees. As with the 105mm version, this lens gives you the 1:1 reproduction ratio that is prized by photographers who desire unparalleled realism.
The 50mm NIKKOR Z MC was designed to be portable and stand up to both the elements and human hands. A nonstick Fluorine coating will keep smudges and fingerprints off the lens. Meanwhile, the strategic construction of the lens prevents dirt and other debris from getting inside. It’s also incredibly lightweight, clocking in at 9.2 ounces. As such, you won’t have to worry about it adding unnecessary weight to your camera bag.
Once again, this lens is a premium product — and it’s priced accordingly. At $649.95, it’s cheaper than the 105mm lens and could be a good alternative for anyone with a modest budget and a strong desire for high-end performance. It’s still a fantastic option for skilled photographers looking to grab shots at a moment’s notice.

Nikon Lens Protection Plans

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