Upsie Versus SquareTrade Camera Insurance Comparison

The average cost of a digital camera in 2022 is just under $190, making it a sizable investment. That’s why many consumers opt for an extended camera warranty rather than just sticking with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
Two of today’s top camera insurance providers are Upsie and SquareTrade, and both offer comprehensive coverage. But how do they compare in terms of plans, pricing, and claim filing? Let’s find out.

Upsie Versus SquareTrade Camera Plans

Both companies offer two-year and three-year camera insurance plans, which extend coverage well beyond what you get with a basic one-year manufacturer warranty.
Upsie protects against:
  • Camera and lens cracks
  • Drops
  • Spills
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • Zoom issue
  • Screen failure
  • And more
SquareTrade, which is owned by Allstate and was renamed Allstate Protection Plans, protects against:
  • Screen cracks (only under an accident plan)
  • Spills (only under an accident plan)
  • Power failure
  • Screen failure
  • Remote failure
While both types of camera insurance are comprehensive, Upsie gets the edge because it offers slightly more robust protection. Also, screen cracks and spills are always covered with Upsie's camera warranties (instead of only being covered with an accident plan).

Upsie Versus SquareTrade Pricing

A quick side-by-side comparison shows that Upsie is significantly more affordable than SquareTrade. Here’s a real-life example.
If you purchase a digital camera that retails between $150 and $199.99, a two-year camera warranty from Upsie costs $31.99 and a three-year warranty costs $42.99. In contrast, a two-year plan from SquareTrade costs $44.99 and a three-year plan costs $59.99.
When you break it down, two-year coverage for an average digital camera from Upsie is $13 less than SquareTrade, while three-year coverage is $17 less. So if you’re looking for the best protection at the lowest price, Upsie is the clear winner.

Camera Insurance Claim Filing

When filing a claim with Upsie, you have two choices. You can either do it online through a digital form or by calling an Upsie claims expert — both of which can be done 24/7. SquareTrade also allows you to file a claim 24/7, but you only have the option of doing it online, and you can’t speak with a person (at least not without jumping through a lot of hoops).
Also, Upsie is always available for assistance through phone, email, chat, or social media if you ever need assistance along the way. It’s a more personalized experience than what you typically get from a big-name insurance provider like Allstate’s SquareTrade.
The other key difference is that you have to go directly through SquareTrade to have your camera repaired, whereas you have more options with Upsie. You can, for instance, work with one of Upsie’s certified repair shops or request to take your camera to the shop of your choice. With SquareTrade, however, you’re much more limited with repairs — something not all shoppers are happy about. Especially those that have a preferred repair shop.

The Verdict

Let’s recap. Both Upsie and SquareTrade offer comprehensive camera insurance with two-year and three-year plans. But there are three distinct differences to be aware of.
First, Upsie offers more robust coverage and protects against screen cracks and spills without requiring you to have a separate “accident plan.” Next, Upsie costs considerably less than SquareTrade. Upsie's two-year plan costs $31.99, and a three-year plan costs $42.99. In contrast, a two-year plan from SquareTrade costs $44.99, and a three-year plan is $59.99.
Finally, filing a claim with Upsie is easier than with SquareTrade, and you have more options when choosing a repair shop. So if you prefer a certain shop in your area, you can often work with Upsie through your preferred shop.
When you look at Upsie and Squaretrade side-by-side, Upsie wins with coverage, cost, and ease of filing a claim. You can learn more about how Upsie works and the plans that are offered on cameras, along with a wide variety of other electronics and appliances here.

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