Best Extended Warranty for NordicTrack Fitness Machines

As a company, NordicTrack stands out for its decades-long record of developing innovative and high-quality fitness machines for consumers and gyms. Some of the most popular NordicTrack fitness equipment include treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, strength training, and stationary bikes.
Plenty of consumers decide to invest in their health and fitness by buying one of these products. While NordicTrack keeps prices competitive for high-end exercise machines, they typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. After deciding to invest in their health, prudent buyers should also consider protecting their investment with the best NordicTrack extended warranty option.

Why Consider Buying a NordicTrack Fitness Machine?

In the old days, fitness machines functioned with mostly mechanical parts. These days, modern equipment combines mechanical, electric, and even electronic components to deliver a better experience. From powerful motors to constantly moving belts to WiFi- or Bluetooth-connected electronics, various NordicTrack components and systems work together to power the machine, monitor progress, and even to allow users to connect to progress trackers, live classes, and much more.
These sophisticated machines can offer some proven benefits over old-fashioned equipment. For instance:
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture has emphasized the importance of using tools to help track and maintain consistent health habits.
  • Connected services help keep users engaged and more likely to maintain their exercise schedule. As an example, heart monitors, live classes, music, and even fitness tours of interesting destinations are all available from a screen that’s built into the machines.
These features help explain some reasons that NordicTrack made PC Magazine’s list for the best home fitness equipment in 2021.

Do People Need an Extended Warranty for Their Exercise Equipment?

The seller’s limited warranty mostly focuses on ensuring customers that their machine will arrive in good condition. This article outlines details of the NordicTrack warranty, including short-term coverage for defective parts or labor.
The limited warranty specifically excludes any problems arising from use of the machine. That means if a power surge damages electronics or a poorly adjusted belt damages the frame or motor, the customer has to find somebody to repair the problem and of course, pay the entire bill. Also, the limited warranty only provides short-term protection for defective parts and labor.
An extended warranty ensures broader and longer coverage for potential issues that may occur, either during or after the limited warranty on parts and labor has expired.

Why Buy an Upsie Extended Warranty for a NordicTrack Fitness Machine?

Like NordicTrack, Upsie has also established itself as an innovative company. For up to 11 months after purchase, customers can simply go online to register their new fitness machine for a robust protection plan. In comparison to other extended warranties, Upsie generally costs less and offers more convenience, coverage, and flexibility.
Take a quick look at some highlights of an Upsie NordicTrack warranty here:
  • Upsie offers both a three- or five-year warranty.
  • With either phone or online service, customers can file claims 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Upsie sends certified repair services to the customer’s homes to make repairs.
  • If repairs aren’t feasible on the first claim, Upsie will issue their customer a replacement.
Even better, Upsie coverage protects mechanical, and electrical parts. This includes connectivity, screens, fans, motors, batteries, and much more. Besides NordicTrack, Upsie also provides the same kind of comprehensive protection plans for other brands of exercise equipment, including Peloton and ProForm. Just visit the fitness machine page to select the best fitness equipment extended warranty to learn more.

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