Conquer Your Ride with these 8 Peloton Bike Accessories

A new Peloton bike is a pricey investment, but one that can pay off big-time if it produces much-needed workout motivation. With this investment comes the obligation to use it often enough to justify the steep price. Pairing that new bike with a bevy of fun and useful accessories can make every workout experience enjoyable. Keep reading to learn about some of the best accessories available to enhance every ride on a Peloton bike.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

If there’s a minor downside to maintaining a home gym, it’s that all the unpleasant byproducts of a hardcore workout are left behind at home. Sweat, in particular, is a nuisance that must be dealt with before it makes the gym a place worth avoiding. Supermats aims to fix this problem with an excellent equipment mat that works as well for the Peloton as it does for other workout equipment. Lay this mat down and then place the Peloton bike on top of it to make sure it soaks up all that excess sweat.

VeloQuip Dual Fan Kit

While sweating is unavoidable during a rough ride, that doesn’t mean Peloton users should be uncomfortable. The VeloQuip Dual Fan Kit features two five-inch fans that will keep bikers nice and cool. Impressively quiet operation means that these fans won’t drown out music or words of motivation from Peloton instructors.

Venzo Bike Shoes

A variety of shoes promise to up the ante for each exercise bike journey, but Venzo’s lineup is beloved by Peloton riders worldwide. Cleats are included, which is rarely true of competitors. Peloton Bike riders should consider these shoes as necessary accessories. In addition, these bike shoes are comfortable, built to last, and far more affordable than Peloton’s own branded shoes.

The Pivot by TFD

The Peloton screen is a great device that can be utilized for more than just bike rides. Home gym users who want to complete other workouts while viewing the Peloton screen should consider The Pivot. It installs directly on the bike and makes turning the screen 360 degrees a charm.

Camelbak Signature Podium Bottle

A trusty water bottle is every fitness enthusiast’s best friend. Peloton teamed up with trusted water bottle maker Camelbak to offer a branded water bottle for loyal fans. While it doesn’t reinvent the water bottle with groundbreaking features, it’s a solid, dependable bottle nonetheless.

Zacro Bike Seat Cover

It’s no secret that a bike session works the glutes. Unfortunately, the standard Peloton bike seat can be a bit uncomfortable to sit on after a while. And with so much work carried out by these important muscles, it’s only right to give them something comfortable to rest on. This bike seat cover offers plenty of padding and is easily removable when it’s time to use it on a different bike.

Naisi Wall Rack and Organizer

The old cliche about the exercise bike being neglected and turned into a clothing rack is best avoided with an expensive Peloton. These machines are too costly to let sit idly by and act as a dresser. Instead, take care of this function with a Naisi wall rack, which has room for multiple pairs of bike shoes. It can also handle towels, a water bottle, and a set of earbuds or headphones.

CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor

One of the best Peloton accessories is a heart rate monitor. However, after spending so much money on a Peloton, some price-conscious consumers don’t want to shell out even more for an expensive heart rate monitor. Thankfully, CooSpo’s H6 heart rate monitor costs a reasonable $29. It offers plenty of features that workout warriors desire. Best of all, it’s compatible with the Peloton app, giving users the ability to track their metrics easily.

Pedal Power Guaranteed With Upsie Extended Warranties

Everyone with an indoor exercise bike should pair it with an Upsie extended warranty. Upsie provides exceptional customer service, unmatched prices, and easy-to-understand terms and conditions. Plus, with Upsie, your bike has protection from mechanical failure, pedal malfunction, and more. When the bike needs repairs, Upsie even sends a certified technician to repair the bike at your home.
Best of all, Upsie’s exceptional warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. An extended warranty from Upsie adds valuable peace of mind to any major fitness equipment purchase.

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