Echelon Fit Connect Bikes: Connect EX-3 vs. Connect EX-5

Owning at least one high-quality piece of cardio equipment is essential to any home gym. Exercise bikes like the Echelon Fit Connect Series are the perfect addition to your personal home fitness center. According to Women’s Health, a stationary bike is one of the best ways to crank up your heart rate, ignite your metabolism, and burn some serious fat. If you suffer from pain due to knee, leg, or foot issues or injuries, using a stationary bike is the best way to stay fit while protecting your body and avoiding further injury.
Essentially, a stationary bike is a winning idea for fitness. The problem you might face is figuring out which brand or model is best for you. If you’ve narrowed it down to the popular Echelon Fit Connect bikes, you’re in good shape. But you might need some pointers as to which model is best for you since the company offers a broad range of options. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Echelon series, focusing on the Echelon Fit Connect EX-3 and EX-5.

Echelon Fit Connect Bikes

Well into 2021, fitness enthusiasts continue to seek alternatives to gym memberships and attendance for clear reasons. Fitness equipment manufacturers and sellers have a chance to shine while continually stepping up their game to offer everyone a fitness option that works for them for now and into the future. Echelon is one of those companies that has your fitness in mind and wants to help you stay focused on overall health and well-being at all times.
On top of providing you with high-quality equipment, Echelon offers you a fitness community that virtually simulates your gym community. You don’t have to feel isolated when working out at home when you have a coaching system and a connected world of fellow Echelon Fit Connect owners and exercisers.
CNN shares that Echelon wants to help you get a quality, high-impact working that features plenty of personalization components, such as an interactive tablet to help you immerse yourself in an Echelon workout class happening in real-time.
Keep in mind that all the Echelon bikes come with a high-end price tag at a range between $1,039 to $1,599, respectively for the EX-3 and EX-5, so you want to make sure you choose wisely and invest in an extended fitness warranty that has your bike and you covered to keep you active and fit for a long time into the future.
The Echelon line of Fit Connect Bikes offers something for everyone. Here are some details on each one to help you decide.

Echelon Fit Connect EX-3

At a price of around $1,039, the Echelon Fit Connect EX-3 offers features that indoor cycling enthusiasts crave most. Echelon throws in some extras as a nice finishing touch as well. The bike offers you the perfect combination of a sleek, modern design that leaves a small footprint and something so aesthetically pleasing you won’t mind leaving it set up on occasion. Even better, with all the modern features and attractive design, Echelon didn’t compromise on ensuring structural integrity. In fact, they feature a strong frame that helps you feel confident no matter how intense your workout. Pedal as hard as necessary to reach your virtual destination, no matter how tough the resistance, without worrying about the integrity of your bike.
Here are a few features to keep in mind when considering the EX-3:
  • Ergonomic, adjustable handlebars that feature a console to hold your smart device.
  • Competition-level seat with 6-inch lever-style adjustment.
  • Bluetooth capability.
  • SPD pedals compatible with fully adjustable toe cages.
  • FitPass training program offers trainer-led stretching, yoga, meditation, Pilates, kickboxing, Zumba, pre-and-post workout sessions, and much more. It also offers access to more than 30 world-class and relatable fitness trainers as well as guest celebrity instructors.

Echelon Fit Connect EX-5

Easy to assemble and set up on your own upon arrival, the EX-5 goes on to ramp up your indoor cycling experience right out of the box. You’ll enjoy the same sleek design as the EX-3, along with the durability you need to get the job done. Further, the class offerings are the same.
Let’s take a look at some features and specifications that make the EX-5 stand out:
  • Competition Aero handlebars that mimic on-the-road cycling performance and comfort with 2 handlebar-mounted bottle holders.
  • Bluetooth capability.
  • Competition-level 6-inch seat with lever-style adjustment.
  • Indexing resistance adjustment knob that offers you 30 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Rear-attached weight rack that holds 2lb dumbbells sold separately.

Both Echelon Fit Connect Bikes Make Fitness a Breeze

Both the EX-3 and the EX-5 offer plenty of basics and extras to keep you excited about your fitness regimen. It might come down to a matter of price if you are willing to make some small sacrifices, such as not having Aero handlebars. However, neither will leave you disappointed or avoiding your workouts.
No matter what you choose, make sure to invest in an extended fitness warranty that works for you to keep your bike running. Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn about an array of warranty options to keep you pedaling.

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